UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment?

November 28, 2008
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UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment
UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment? from: http://www.paolaharris.com/

UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment? from: http://www.paolaharris.com/

UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment?

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The Pope states “UFO’s Are Real”

The Pope Benedict XVI states UFOs Are Real In anul 2008 un purtator de cuvant al Vaticanului a dat o declaratie privind existenta in univers a altor civilizatii, dar care nu sunt vinovate de pacatul originar (folosesc clonarea).

The Pope Benedict XVI states "UFO's Are Real" In anul 2008 un purtator de cuvant al Vaticanului a dat o declaratie privind existenta in univers a altor civilizatii, dar "care nu sunt vinovate de pacatul originar" (folosesc clonarea).

Watch video… The Pope states “UFO ‘s Are Real”

In anul 2008 un purtator de cuvant al Vaticanului a dat o declaratie privind existenta in univers a altor civilizatii, dar “care nu sunt vinovate de pacatul originar” (folosesc clonarea).
Vaticanul spune ca OZN-URILE si Extraterestrii sunt reali!
Vatican says Ufos and ET’s are real!
Vedeti: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UfiIatUWss&feature=player_embedded
Intalnirea dintre Zecharia Sitchin si Monsignor Corrado Balducci (teolog, membru al Vatican Curia (corpul de guvernare), descrisa pe situl :http://www.sitchin.com/vatican.htm a ajuns la urmatoarele trei concluzii :

1.Da, extraterestrii exista pe alte planete;
2. Da, ei pot fi mult mai avansati decat noi;
3. Da, material, omul ar fi putut fi creat dintr-o fiinta vie preexistenta”.

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From Turkey:KUMBURGAZ UFO\’S and Aliens are back in 2008!



Breaking News: Important New Crop Circle!

Large Cross Pattern and “Bar Code” September 28, 2008,Australian Scientist Comments On “Digital Barcode” September 28, 2008 email to Earthfiles: “The new cross in maize on September 28, 2008, appears at first glance to be authentic, and shows a ‘barcode signature’ off to one side. It might be ASCII, since its first few digits (reading left to right, standing near the cross) look like 00100000, which was a ‘word spacer’ in the Crabwood message:01 (start);01000010S (B);01100101S (e) ;01110111S (w) ;01100001S (a)

Large Cross Pattern and “Bar Code” September 28, 2008,Australian Scientist Comments On “Digital Barcode” September 28, 2008 email to Earthfiles: “The new cross in maize on September 28, 2008, appears at first glance to be authentic, and shows a ‘barcode signature’ off to one side. It might be ASCII, since its first few digits (reading left to right, standing near the cross) look like 00100000, which was a ‘word spacer’ in the Crabwood message:01 (start);01000010S (B);01100101S (e) ;01110111S (w) ;01100001S (a)



se obseva mesajul in cod de bare de pe margine

Australian Scientist Comments On “Digital Barcode”

September 28, 2008 email to Earthfiles: “The new cross in maize on September 28, 2008, appears at first glance to be authentic, and shows a \”barcode signature\” off to one side. It might be ASCII, since its first few digits (reading left to right, standing near the cross) look like 00100000, which was a “word spacer” in the Crabwood message: [ See 081902 Earthfiles about alien face in Winchester wheat and 081902EarthfilesUpdate about code analysis.]

01 (start)
01000010S (B)
01100101S (e)
01110111S (w)
01100001S (a)
01110010S (r)
01100101S (e)
00100000S (space) ”

beware space=atentie la cer(spatiu)

Jaime Maussan will investigate! Read More

Hubble sees “something” out there!

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Swedish contact with undersea bases in the 80\’s!

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VIDEO - Norway Undersea UFO Base

VIDEO - Norway Undersea UFO Base

VIDEO – Norway Undersea UFO Base

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread390181/pg1 http://www.nettavisen.no/innenriks/article1636737.ece

Underwater Alien Base Or UFO Found On Google Earth


20 25\’ 32.21\” N

136 04\’ 52.15\” E



The Insiders: Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant

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Breaking News: The UFO Disclosure Process Has Begun!

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Canadian ex-minister of defence, Paul Hellyer: Keynote speech at X-Conference 08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuEUmnEVJQk

Paul Hellyer said: “I wish I were in a mood for good humour, but I am not. We are hell-bent in the direction of destroying our planet, and we appear to be doing precious little about it. Decades ago visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed, and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions afterward. The inevitable result was that some of our planes were lost; but how many were due to retaliation, and how many were a result of our own stupidity is a moot point. Wilbert Smith, one of the first Canadians to take an active interest in the subject of UFOs, asked the visitors about the accidental destruction of our aircraft by flying into the vicinity of a flying saucer. The response: we were informed that although a few of our aircraft had come to an unfortunate end by what they considered colossal stupidity of our pilots, they were now taking corrective measures to avoid our aircraft. I asked them what happened, and they said,  ‘Well, the fields around the saucers in order to hold them up, in order to produce the gravity differential, the time field differential which were necessary to operate the ship, these sometimes produced field combinations which reduced the strength of materials to the point where they were no longer strong enough to carry the load that the materials were expected to carry’. Now, as we know, aircraft, particularly, the military type, are built with a rather small factor of safety, and in these regions of reduced binding, the materials are no longer strong enough to carry the load and the craft simply comes apart. This didn’t satisfy our military chiefs who must have thought that it was more important to secure American nuclear superiority- even though using it would result in the annihilation of us all- than to take the hint and start moving the planet back from the brink of a global holocaust. They, the military, must have been and still are, so paranoid that they feel it necessary to use the visitors’ technology to fight them off, rather than welcome them as partners in development- though they may have seconded some renegades to assist in what can best be viewed as diabolical developments. Stephen (Bassett) has said that talking about UFO’s is passé and that we should be talking about exo-politics. In theory, I agree, but in reality we have a problem when official U.S. policy insists that UFO’s don’t exist. The veil of secrecy must be lifted-and now, before it is too late. It is ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war-allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction- when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own back yard. It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan allegedly to bring democracy to those two countries when it, itself, can no longer legitimately claim to be called a democracy when trillions of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief have been deliberately kept in the dark How much has been accomplished in sixty years
of feverish activity by some of the most highly educated minds in the U.S.? Has America developed flying saucers that are visually indistinguishable from the visitors, as alleged? And if so, what do they propose to do with them? Even more critical, what progress has been made in the development of clean energy sources that could replace fossil fuels and save the planet from becoming a veritable wasteland? Who has the answers? Someone does, but apparently they aren’t telling either secretaries of defence or presidents because they do not have a need to know. In a story told by Dr Stephen Greer, President Clinton was asked a question by White House reporter Sarah McClendon about why he didn’t do something about UFO disclosure. Clinton replied, ‘Sarah, there is a government inside the government and I don’t control it’. Excuse me. Doesn’t the Commander in Chief and the person who allegedly has his finger on the nuclear trigger have a right to know what his subordinatess are doing? The people of the United States who have paid the bills have a right to know. The people of the world demand to know because it is our descendants, too, whose lives are in mortal jeopardy. It is time for the people of the U.S. to launch a new war against the evil of lies, deceit, and darkness, and go all out to win the victory of truth, transparency, and light.\”

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Space-Time Travel and the Experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)

September 14, 2008

Time travel and the experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland).

Calatoria in timp si experimentul de la CERN (Geneva, Elvetia)/

Experimentul din Elvetia(CERN) este indicat de John Titor in mesajele sale ( calator in timp venit din 2036) si va conduce la obtinerea de singularitati care vor face accesibila tehnologic calatoria in timp Mesajele lui John Titor venit din anul 2036 se afla pe: John Titor Time Traveler Listen now to the latest news and events about John Titor, the time traveler from 2036. Oliver Williams hosts a regular half-hour videocast devoted to the physics, the time machine, and the predictions made by John Titor. http://www.johntitor.com/

Above top secret

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/the_- john_titor_project.html

John Titor predicted that the CERN institution would accidentally discover the technology that allows for time travel. So far, his predictions have been tracking well with reality…CERN is now underway building their biggest-ever proton-proton collider. Some researchers have now pointed out that one result might be the creation of \”Mini Black Holes\”, or as John Titor called them…microsingularities… John Titor: … the major breakthrough happens at CERN …The creation of microsigularities…its a black hole about the size of an electron… The CERN LHC: A Black Hole Factory? by John G. Cramer …there are new theoretical predictions that when the new accelerator goes into operation, the LHC\’s proton-proton collisions may also make something even more exotic: black holes. (snip) New ideas suggest that gravity becomes stronger at small distances because of the effects of extra dimensions used only by gravity. In this scenario, as the effective value of G grows larger, the Planck mass drops, and the energy required to produce black holes can drop to 1 TeV, well within range of the LHC but probably out of reach for the Tevatron. Thus, the LHC may turn out to be a \”black hole factory\”, an accelerator that makes large quantities of minimum-size black holes. mist.npl.washington.edu… CERN begins installation on largest collider Monday, March 7, 2005 Posted: 3:10 PM EST (2010 GMT) GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) — Installation of the world\’s largest particle physics collider began Monday with the lowering of a massive, superconducting magnet into the tunnel housing the new research facility that will draw scientists from all over the world, a spokeswoman said.



Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional Fiecare fiinta constienta din acest univers este multi-dimensionala \”A crede nu este suficient. Trebuie sa Vedeti si sa descoperiti experimental ca stelele se afla in raza dvs. de actiune fiindca sunteti deja inzestrati cu o nava cu hiperpropulsie(care curbeaza spatiul si timpul)- propriul dvs. corp,ce poate calatori in timp si spatiu in intregul univers\”Mirahorian)

\”Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional Believing is not enough.You need to SEE that the stars are within your reach because you have already a hyperdrive ship to travel in all the universe-your own body\” -(Mirahorian)

Daca nu ati auzit pana acum de la cei care va tin prizonieri, de la cei care v-au implantat false credinte si identitati(gardienii care v-au virusat) aflati ca orice fiinta umana de pe Terra apartine unei civilizatii extraterestre superavansate de grad IV, in care fiecare entitate este eterna si poate insamanta noi universuri, se poate teleporta, poate calatori in timp si spatiu, fara alte mijloace tehnologice in afara generatorului de impulsuri, care este propriul creier(toate entitatile biologice extratereste sunt interdimensionale ca si noi; entitatile din Zeta Reticuli, cu pielea similara cu cea a delfinilor, pe care acestea ii considera veri, nu au putut fi tinute captive decat in incinte in care se mentinea un puternic camp electromagnetic, care impiedica shiftul, iesirea din dimensiunea noastra; nordicii sau blonzii nu au putut fi niciodata sa fie capturati, incarcerati).


MIRAHORIAN: HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE/CUNOASTEREA ASCUNSA http://360.yahoo.com/cunoastereascunsa









Preotii Materiei si Piramidele Secolului 21���/

The Priests that Worship the Matter and the 21st Century Pyramids

Vedeti mai mult in :/See more in: Interviu cu un Extraterestru-Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea /

ALIEN INTERVIEW\”Truth is stranger than fiction\”

Alien Interview Lawrence R Spencer

Omenirea are nevoie sa cunoasca raspunsurile continute in aceste documente .

Cine suntem noi ? De unde venim? Care este telul nostru pe Terra ?

Este omenirea singura in univers Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose on Earth? Is Mankind alone in the universe? If there is intelligent life elsewhere why have they not contacted us? http://guidedawakening.multiply.com/journal/item/28/Interviu_cu_un_Extrateres…

Stiinta este religia materiei. Credinta stiintei este ca manifestarea(creatia)este totul iar creatorul nimic/ Science is the religion of matter. It worships matter.The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the creator is nothing.

Religia spune ca totul este intr-un creator unic iar creatia este nimic./ Religion says the creator is all, and the creation is nothing.

Aceste doua extreme reprezinta barele celulei inchisorii/These two extremes are the bars of a prison cell. Ele impiedica perceperea realitatii ca un intreg holografic…prezent in fiecare partea a sa /They prevent observation of all phenomenon as an interactive holographic whole, which is present in each of its parts.

Din aceasta cauza, nu priviti la savanti ca la niste salvatori ai Terrei sau ai viitorului umanitatii/ Therefore, do not look to scientists to save Earth or the future of humanity.

Asa-numita \”stiinta\” care este intemeiata doar pe credinta ca existenta este compusa doar din energie si din obiecte(materiale) care se misca prin spatiu nu este stiinta/ Any so-called \”science\” that is solely based on the paradigm that existence is composed only of energy and objects moving through space is not a science.

Astfel de fiinte ignora cu totul scanteia creativa generata de o entitate SU
NT PT. A FI si actiunea colectiva a entitatilor SUNT PT. A FI care in continuare creaza universul fizic si toate universurile Such beings utterly ignore the creative spark originated by an individual IS-BE and collective work of the IS-BEs who continually create the physical universe and all universes.

Sunteti pregatiti pt. viitor ?/Are you ready for the future?

Michio Kaku: Is Time Travel Possible?


Pe youtube exista mai multe filme despre mesajul lui John Titor in care se face referire la microsingularitatile(micro gaurile negre) ce vor fi realizate in Elvetia vor face posibila calatoria tehnologica in timp John Titor – Time Travel Videocast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3MwJleG2Dg

John Titor, Time Traveler from Year 2036, and the Bible Code http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VdMCGjhlMc

John Titor & Time Travel . part 1 of 12


Time travel with proof


This man times travel and has proof Povestea lui Hakan Nordkvist

Durat��: 02:47Realizat: 16 Septembrie 2006 Loca��ie: Kalmar, Suedia

Hans Karlsson H��kan Nordkvist Has Visited the Future. http://mylionsden.blogspot.com/2007/04/story-of-hkan-nordkvist-time-traveller…

A person in Sweden claims to have time travelled to the future. It all happened on the afternoon the 30th of August 2006. It was a beautiful day and I was on my way home from a job in F��rjestaden. When I got home, I found water on the kitchen floor. Somehow there was a leak. I got my tools and opened up the doors to the sink. And started to work.When I reached in to examine the pipes, they seemed to be further in than I remembered. I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future. I meet myself as 72 years old, the year was 2042. I did a lot of tests on him to see if he was really me. And the strange thing is that he knew everything about me. Where I hid my secret stuff when I was in first grade, and what the score was in the soccer match against V��xj�� Norra in the summer of -88. He knew it all.We even had the same tattoo, although he\’s was a little faded. He told me some of the stuff that will happen, but not so much. And I promised not to tell anyone. I made a film with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the quality is not the best. But it��s what I have got. Actually I don\’t��care if people thinks I am a liar. I know I\’m not. I met myself in the future, and I was fine. That\’s all I know. Read more about me and my story at



Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Consiliul European pentru Cercetari Nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la http://webcast.cern.ch/index.html CERN, un acronim pentru Consiliul European pt Cercetari (Recherche) Nucleare, este cel mai mare laborator de accelerare ��i studiere al particulelor elementare din lume, situat ��n suburbia nord-vestic�� a Genevei, chiar pe grani��a dintre Elve��ia ��i Fran��a fondat de 11 guverne Europene in 1952. Conven��ia interna��ional�� privind fondarea Organizatiei Europene pt Cercetari Nucleare/

Organisation Europ��enne pour la Recherche Nucl��aire/ European Organization for Nuclear Research (cu pastrarea aceluiasi acronim CERN )a fost semnat�� ��n 1954 pe 29 septembrie. de 12 state din Europa. Organisation Europ��enne pour la Recherche Nucl��aire /European Organisation for Nuclear Research (nom officiel), aussi appel�� laboratoire europ��en pour la physique des particules, plus connue sous l\’acronyme CERN (acronyme de l\’organe provisoire institu�� en 1952, le Europ��en pour la Recherche Nucl��aire (European Council for Nuclear Research), est le plus grand centre de physique des particules du monde. Le 29 septembre 1954, la convention du CERN est ratifi��e par 12 ��tats europ��ens, le CERN est officiellement cr���� et se nomme maintenant Organisation europ��enne pour la Recherche nucl��aire.

The convention establishing CERN was signed on 29 September 1954 by twelve countries in Western Europe. The acronym CERN originally stood, in French, for Conseil Europ��en pour la Recherche Nucl��aire (European Council for Nuclear Research), which was a provisional council for setting up the laboratory, established by 11 European governments in 1952.



LHC First Beam – 10th September 2008 – 9am CEST (GMT+2)

Also I found out today the large hadron collider will have a video stream running when it starts up on



Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Organizatia Europeana pentru cercetari nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la sursa: Live webcast


The first monolith to be discovered was unearthed on the Moon

July 10, 2008

Choose between the Politics of Self-annihilation and Enlightenment
Alegeti intre politica auto-anihilarii si iluminare
Mirahorian: \”As an Embodied Manifestation of the Conscious Universe, we as human beings
Gandhi:\” Legea ochi pt ochi va face toata lumea oarbacan make Miracles Happen, if we Keep alive our Love and Awareness !
Ca manifestare intrupata a Universului ce a devenit constient de sine insusi prin fiecare fiinta umana, noi putem face miracolele sa sa intample daca ne mentinem vie Iubirea si Constienta! !\”
\’Tot ce este fundamental diferit deranjeaza ordinea stabilita;Invatati sa ganditi cu propria minte;daca nu o faceti, altii o vor face in locul dvs.\’\’ Apprenez à penser par vous-même. Si vous ne le faites pas, d\’autres le feront pour vous Un homme averti en vaut deux, et avec Internet, beaucoup plus (Jean-Pierre Petit)
The present civilization on Earth must chose between the Politics of Self-annihilation and Enlightenment (Mirahorian)

Gandhi: \”An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind..
Gandhi:\” Legea ochi pt ochi va face toata lumea oarba\”
Monoliths are advanced machines built by an unseen extraterrestrial species that appear in Arthur C. Clarke\’s Space Odyssey series of novels and films.
Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-0
During the series, four monoliths are discovered in the solar system by humans and it is revealed that thousands if not more were created throughout the solar system, although none are seen. The subsequent response of the characters to their discovery drives the plot of the series. It also influences the fictional history of the series, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with technological development and space travel.
The first monolith appears in the beginning of the story, set in prehistoric times. It is discovered by a group of hominids, and somehow triggers a considerable shift in evolution, starting with the ability to use tools.
The first monolith to be discovered in the modern age was unearthed on the moon near Tycho Crater due to it emitting a powerful magnetic field which was detected and investigated. It was called Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1 (TMA-1) before the monolith was discovered. The name stuck even after it was discovered to be an obvious alien artifact. Subsequent to this, a second, larger monolith was soon discovered orbiting Jupiter and called TMA-2. A few centuries in the future, a third monolith was discovered buried on Earth in rocks that were clearly millions of years old and surrounded by primitive human artifacts. This was retro-actively named TMA-0 (as opposed to TMA-3) in reference of the fact it was obviously the first monolith discovered by human ancestors in prehistoric times.
The term Tycho magnetic anomaly is something of a misnomer when referring to TMA-0 and TMA-2, as neither were found on the moon and neither emitted a significant magnetic field. This critique was mentioned in the novel 2010: Odyssey Two. In the same novel, the Russian Crew of the spacecraft Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov affectionately and somewhat respectfully refer to TMA-2 as Zagadka (Russian for Enigma or Riddle).




K-PAX: \”Let me tell you something.You humans, most of you, subscribe to this policy of an eye for an eye, a life for a life, which is known throughout the universe for its… stupidity. Even your Buddha and your Christ had quite a different vision. But nobody\’s paid much attention to them, not even your Buddhists and your Christians.For your information: All beings have the capacity to cure themselves, Mark. This is something we\’ve known on K-PAX for millions of years\”\”
K-PAX: \”Sa-ti spun ceva. Pe Terra voi oamenii urmati politica \”dinte pentru dinte, ochi pentru ochi si viata pt.viata\” care e recunoscuta in intregul univers pt.stupiditatea ei. Chiar Buddha si Iisus au avut alta opinie. Dar nimeni nu le acorda o prea mare atentie, nici chiar buddhistii vostri si nici crestinii vostri nu-i asculta. Ma mir ca ati ajuns si pana in stadiul actual\”; \”o planeta ocupata de o civilizatie care procedeaza ca voi ( \”care extinde raul prin lupta, razboaie, razbunare, opozitie\”) are viitor incert ( se autoanihileaza).
Pentru informarea dumneavoastra: Toate fiintele au capacitatea sa se vindece pe ele insele.

Despre scoala de pe Terra si despre un nou Pavarotti:Costel Busuioc

March 13, 2008

About the Education on Planet Earth and the Pavarotti of Romania
Despre scoala de pe Terra si despre un nou Pavarotti:Costel Busuioc
Albert Einstein:« Noi am creat o societate (si o scoala) care onoreaza servitorul si a uitat darul ».
Albert Einstein:« Nous avons créé une société (et une école) qui honore le serviteur et a oublié le don ».
Pavarotti din Romania: Costel Busuioc,
Costel Busuioc un al II-lea Pavarotti,
Costel Busuioc Pavarotti al Romaniei
Comparati primele cantece (vedeti mai jos secventa de videoclipuri din galele anterioare) cu acelea din aparitiile urmatoare si o sa observati pierderea prospetimii si a emotiei initiale , ca urmare a sfaturilor academicienilor de tot felul.
Edison nu a fost decat o singura zi la scoala si a schimbat fata secolului in care traim,tocmai fiindca nu a fost programat sa vada doar dogmele vremii.
Azi pe Terra exista tari unde talentele copii lor sunt ucise in fasa de un sistem de indoctrinare numit scoala , care nu doreste valori ci servitori
Copii sunt programati in scoli de tot felul ca fara scoala privighetoarea nu ar putea sa cante.
Copii sunt facuti sa creada in inutilitatea propriei lor vieti, intr-o lume in care totul s-a descoperit deja
Nu oameni buni asta este o iluzie implantata de generatii intregi de oameni orbiti,de oameni a caror vedere proprie a fost suspendata prin implant cultural…
Cineva imi zicea ieri:\”Bine a facut ca a refuzat bursa de studii a scolii din Viena\”.
Asa este: \”Trebuie gasit un maestru, iar nu o scoala\”
La Opera din Viena nu am vazut decat oameni cascand de plictiseala oferita de cei tocati(scoliti) de masina numita scoala muzicala;
Daca ai un diamant nu il dai la incompetenti ci la un maestru in slefuire
Nimeni nu ar trebui sa arunce margaritare la porci
Pink Floyd:\”Nu avem nevoie de educatie daca aceasta educatie inseamna moartea creativitatii sau a talentelor inascute ale copiilor nostri
Pink Floyd:\”We need no education..if this education is a death for the creativity of our children
Costel Busuioc a reinviat interesul in acest gen de muzica, asa cum Edvin Marton a reinviat un alt gen muzical, in concertele sale pe gheata
In scoala muzicala se petrece ceea ce se intampla peste tot : se ucid talentele..se cloneaza incompetenta celor ce predau…
Scoala de gimnastica romaneasca, care a creat pe banda rulanta campioni olimpici si mondiali, era formata din doi maestri (Octavian Belu,Mariana Bitang)
si dintr-o multime de nulitati, care au facut tot ce a fost cu putinta sa-i elimine, sa-i izoleze si chiar sa-i distruga
In epoca comunismului se inlocuia si se amana permanent prezentul traindu-se pentru construirea unui viitor luminos…pt. indeplinirea planurilor cincinale..
Cine isi mai aminteste ca si in comunism se tot batea moneda pe investitii in mijloace de productie (care au ajuns la fiare vechi) si se neglija sursa tuturor valorilor: Omul
Azi se fac planuri si pacte ale educatiei , dar continua neglijarea valorilor umane …
Sa ne amintim de venitul de mizerie care alunga profesorii competenti din invatamant
Orice tara, inclusiv Romania, ca organism social si economic, si nici o firma nu poate supravietui daca nu creaza ceva nou ..daca in loc sa isi pretuiasca valorile..le invidiaza…le izoleaza..le dispretuieste
doar in societatile de succes unde este respectata o colaborare functionala(centrata pe obiectivul comun) opiniile fiecarei fiinte umane sunt pretuite si asteptate, daca nu repeta stereotipiile si tiparele implantate
mi-ar place ca semenii mei sa apeleze la imaginatie, sa depaseasca cenzura care le-a fost implantata in cursul conditionari
Shakespeare spunea odata ca omul e firav, nu are ghearele tigrului sau forta elefatului insa are imaginatie si aceasta la facut sa fie diamantul de peste o suta de carate ce se afla deasupra tuturor animalelor..
Shakespeare once said that \”imagination makes man the paragon of animals \” (Hamlet)
Albert Einstein:\”Imaginatia e mult mai importanta decat Cunoasterea [dobandita prin ratiune si experienta ]. Cunoasterea dobandita prin ratiune si experienta este limitata[apartine emisferei cerebrale stangi].Imagination inconjoara lumea[dar ea a fost inhibata,suprimata la oamenii castrati de catre sistemul de indoctrinare]\”…
Albert Einstein:\”Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world\”…
Albert Einstein:\”L\’imagination plus forte que le savoir\”
Quant à Albert Einstein, il disait que le don de fantaisie avait eu plus d\’importance pour lui que son talent à absorber des connaissances positives, que « l\’imagination est plus importante que la connaissance », que « l\’esprit intuitif est un don sacré et l\’esprit rationnel son serviteur fidèle ». Et il concluait :
« Nous avons créé une société(ecole) qui honore le serviteur et a oublié le don ».
Albert Einstein-Logics will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein-Logica te duce de la A la B, imaginatia te duce peste tot.
\”Imagination governs the world\” is what Benjamin Disraeli said
Benjamin Disraeli spunea ca:\”Imaginatia guverneaza lumea \”
Prometeu a fost pedepsit pt ca a furat de la zei focul imaginatiei …
si l-a dat unor fiinte lipsite de iubire si de constienta
vedeti mai mult in cartea :
Comentariu la Misterul UMMO
(in blogul anterior gasiti linkuri pt. a descarca aceasta carte in format pdf.)
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala Final
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala Final:
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 1
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 2
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 3
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 4
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 5
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 6
Costel – Hijos de Babel – Gala 7


March 5, 2008


puteti descarca in forma pdf cartea in limba romana
din link-ul
sau din legaturile prezente in grupul de la adresa de mai jos:


Bienvenue sur le site UMMO-SCIENCES

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ge d\’Ummo �� la CIA / Albac��te D95 – Annulation du contact �� Londres D96 – Remerciements d\’Ummo pour un cadeau D97 – Les Ummites quittent l\’Espagne D99 – Vie sexuelle et conjugale / Anatomies D100 – Impossibilit�� d\’apporter des preuves D101 – R��gulation des informations D102 – Coutumes sexuelles – ��ducation – mariage D103 – Les Ummites �� Albac��te – \” la main coup��e\” D104 – La situation de votre R��seau Social D105-1 – ��me, temps, B.B., I.U, pluricosmos (1) D105-2 – ��me, temps, B.B., I.U, pluricosmos (2) D106 – Motivations de l\’envoi des rapports D107 – Pr��paration du \”symposium Ummo\” D108 – Les Ummites �� Albac��te D109 – Ummites �� Albac��te. \”La main coup��e\” D110 – Ne pas enregistrer les appels t��l��phoniques Ummites D111 – Implications psychosociales perturbatrices D112 – Pourquoi avoir quitt�� la Terre. Analyses et conseils D113 – Risque de guerre nucl��aire. Piedralaves D114 – Contr��le de la diffusion des papiers ummites D115 (H30) – Motifs de l\’envoi des rapports D116 – Le retour sur Terre en octobre 1978 D117 – Base au Danemark / Armes au plasma / I.U. D118 – Situation socio-��conomique / Non intervention D119 – Non intervention Ummite /Forum d\’Alicante D120 – F��licitations Columbia D134 – Cessation des communication / 3e exp��dition D170-1 – Les Ummites quittent la Terre (1) D170-2 – Les Ummites quittent la Terre (2) D172 – Discorde ERIDANI / La \”secte Ummo\” D173 – Autorisation de diffusion / Erreurs d��lib��r��es D174 – Envois �� personnes instables / Dangers dogmatisme D176 – Impossibilit�� aide / ��me collective / Mutations D190 – Sombre situation socio-politique de la Terre D357-1 – B.B. / Pr��sentation D357-2 / Alabacete D357-2 – B.B. / univers limites / Cosmos g��mellaires D378 – Sesma et Ribera n\’ont pas plagi�� les rapports (1) D379 – Sesma et Ribera n\’ont pas plagi�� les rapports (2) D381 – Sesma et Ribera n\’ont pas plagi�� les rapports (3) D392 – R��cents rapports frauduleusement attribu��s �� Ummo D393 – Mod��les d\’��critures terrestres pour un mus��e d\’Ummo D399 – D��fense de Sesma et Ribera accus��s de plagiat D468 – Les Ummologues ne sont pas parano… D470 – Nouveau rapports secrets d\’Ummo D488 – La fraude sur le suaire de Turin D493 – Les Ummites n\’ont pas t��l��phon�� �� Lopez D499 – Vie d\’Ummowoa sur la plan��te Ummo / Sindon D505 – Comment s\’est perp��tu��e la fraude sur le suaire D518 – La falsification du sindon en 1929 D520 – Condol��ances pour le d��c��s du fils de D. Garrido D539 – La probl��matique de l\’avortement D540 – L\’oppression de la femme par l\’homme D541 – Histoire d\’Ummo. L\’��me et les \”Ibozoo uu\” D731 – Synopsis Waam-Waam / univers limites / B.B. D791 – R��percussions de la violation des lois naturelles D792-1 – Les \”Oemiiwoa\” (1: g��n��ralit��s / mort d\’Ummowoa) D792-2 – Les \”Oemiiwoa\” (2: Vie et mort du Christ) D792-3 – Les \”Oemiiwoa\” (3: Avertissements surveillance) D977 – Altim��tres et gravim��tres sur Ummo D1378 – Prise de pouvoir en cas de risque nucl��aire D1435 – Photocopie d\’un document de calcul Ummite D1492 – Entrevue Bush et Gorbatchev / Conf��rence d\’Essen D1751 – Guerre du Golfe (91) D2583 – Convocation d\’une r��union chez Farriols D2655 – A propos des documents Ummo NR1 – Lettre �� Ribera – Attentat de Vienne NR2 – Lettre �� Jos�� Alex NR3 – D��couverte par Hubble d\’une n��buleuse toro��de NR4 – Au cas o�� ils quitteraient la Terre NR5 – Lettre de Ryad (th��or��me de Fermat) NR6 – Jacques Cadot (Lettre �� Garrido ?) NR7 – Pressions morales envers Sesma NR8 – Organisation d\’une r��union concernant le Sindon NR9 – Fax du 17 avril 1993 NR10 – Brucella Melitentis NR11 – A propos du champ magn��tique NR12 – Lettre �� Aguirre NR13 – Communaut��s galactiques / non ing��rence / contact NR14 – Pathologie psychologique / Psychovirus NR15 – Arriv��e de 3 nefs/ volcans/ d��part E IXOO 7 NR17 – Sergio Vieira de Mello / vos d��bats / conseils NR18 – G��ographie / D��mographie / Fin de vie / divers NR20 – A��OOYAOU / raisonnement formel t��travalent H1 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 1 H2 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 2 H3 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 3 H4 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 4 H6 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 6 H7 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 7 H8 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 8 H9 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 9 H10 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 10 H11 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 11 H12 -i? transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 12 H13 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 13 H14 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 14 H15 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 15 H16 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 16 H17 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 17 H18 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 18 H19 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 19 H20 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 20 H21 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 21 H22 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 22 H23 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 23 H24 – transcriptions de communications t��l��phoniques 24 H25 – Lien entre logique t��travalente et structure du Cosmos H26 – Contact pr��vu entre 2030 et 2050 H27 – Extrait de lettre �� Jason Hamilton H28 – Lettre \”Nef 93\” H29 – Conversation avec un Ummite ? H30 – Motifs de l\’envoi des rapports H31 – Appel aux scientifiques E1 – Relations du dactylo avec ses clients d\’Ummo E2 – H��tes ummites dans l\’appartement du dactylo (1) E3 – H��tes ummites dans l\’appartement du dactylo (2) E4 – Travail du dactylo pour ses sup��rieurs d\’Ummo (1) E5 – Travail du dactylo pour ses sup��rieurs d\’Ummo (2) E6 – Travail du dactylo pour ses sup��rieurs d\’Ummo (3) E7 – Vissicitudes du dactylo avec les Ummites E8 – Dict��es de DEI 98 au dactylo. E9 – Analyse de tissus organiques E10 – Offre 25000 pts pour les cylindres m��talliques E11 – Proposition d\’��change de documents E12 – Lettre association canadienne avec joint D1435 E13 – Critiques sur le manque de discr��tion E14 – R��compense de 1000$ E15 – lettre de l\’enqu��teur priv�� �� Rumsey E16 – Guerre imminente / Le refuge anti-atomique. E17 – Les Ummites gu��rissent un cancer de l\’estomac E19 – Comment j\’ai pris les photos de Vald��ras E20 – Processus intellectif (responsabilit��) E23/D609 – Article revue argentine \”2001\” (1) E23/D610 – Article revue argentine \”2001\” (2) E24/D611 – Article revue argentine \”2001\” (3) E25/D612 – Article revue argentine \”2001\” (4) E25/D613 – Article revue argentine \”2001\” (5) E26 – Le 1/6/67, trois nefs ont emmen��s 30 Ummites E27 – lettre d\’accompagnement des documents D69 (1) E28 – lettre d\’accompagnement des documents D69 (2) E29 – Les Ummites partent de San Jos�� E30 – Mon travail avec ces Messieurs d\’Ummo E31 – Mes relations de travail avec les hommes d\’Ummo E33 – Extrait d\’un livre de Enrique Lopez E34 – Lettre du dactylo jointe aux documents D791 E35 – Notes d\’Alicia Araujo E36 – NOUMICON ? E37 – ATIENZA : dans la revue \”La Actualidad Espa��ola\” E38 – Lettre de Villagrasa �� Antonio Ribera E39 – la lettre de Fernando Eguizabal E40 – (AUCO) Yo, confidente de los del espacio

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Los setenta fueron los protagonistas del fen��meno de ufolog��a m��s importante de la historia espa��ola. Este documental busca hallar el origen del mismo y desentra��ar sus secretos m��s oscuros a trav��s de una profunda investigaci��n del caso. Ficha T��cnica. Direcci��n y gui��n: Pilar Cristina Faneite, Carlos Dowling y Pelayo Romero. Producci��n: Pilar Faneite. Edici��n: Pilar Faneite y Carlos Dowling. A��o: 2003.
This is a recording tape of phone call from UMMO
Jaime Maussan en hoy explicando unas cuantas se��ales, mayas, apocalipsis etc
Ufo\’s filmed by space shuttle Columbia classified footage!!!
video Evidence: The Case for NASA UFO\’s
Tether Project Nasa, hundreds of ufo\’s they\’re here!!
Tether STS-75 like UFO\’s filmed in the UK
UFO In Nanjing
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

Mar 3, 2007

UFOs fight global warming?

A former Canadian official claims aliens are real and that they can fight off global warming.�� How?

UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister

Wed Feb 28, 1:04 PM ET

A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies…

A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday.

\”I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation … that could be a way to save our planet,\” Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Alien spacecrafts would have traveled vast distances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propulsion systems or used exceptional fuels, he told the newspaper.

Such alien technologies could offer humanity alternatives to fossil fuels, he said, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico — which has become a shrine for UFO believers — as an example of alien contact.

\”We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough,\” he said.

Hellyer became defen
se minister in former prime minister Lester Pearson\’s cabinet in 1963, and oversaw the controversial integration and unification of Canada\’s army, air force and navy into the Canadian Forces.

He shocked Canadians in September 2005 by announcing he once saw a UFO.

OneRepublic feat. Timbaland – Apologize

Human beings on Earth are part of a super advanced Type IV extraterrestrial civilization

January 12, 2008

Oamenii de pe Terra sunt zei cazuti,fiinte amnezice care si-au uitat identitatea, de parte a unei supercivilizatii de tip IV.
Potentialul uitat al omului-Suntem fiinte spirituale apartinand unei civilizatii super avansate de gradul IV (care poate insamanta noi universuri)

We are part of a super advanced Type IV extraterrestrial civilization- projection of Zero Point Energy Module encapsulated as life on 3-D vector space with increasing span
How we can discover other civilizations if we do not know ourselves and the subtle information vectors
Cum putem descoperi alte civilizatii daca nu ne cunoastem pe noi insine si vectorii subtili prin care transmitem deja telepatic informatia fara atenuare la trecerea prin obstacole sau fara scadere a intensitatii semnalului cu patratul distantei ( vectorii grosieri folositi azi pt. a detecta alte civilizatii sunt perturbati de evenimentele atmosferice,stelare si galactice)
Information carriers used today for detecting other civilizations are avoided by highly advanced civilizations because these signals are distorted and atenuated by distances,obstacles , and events in the Earth\’s atmosphere, Sun and galaxies

India Daily Technology Team
Nov. 17, 2006

It is the miracle of life and death. Scientists now understand we are part of a Type IV extraterrestrial civilization of very advanced technological state. Our real existence is in the Hyperspace. Our life is a projection on the 3-D Universe and the cycle of life and death continues till the \’Error Vector\’ goes to zero. After attaining perfection or \’Error Vector zero\’, we move on to higher dimension and continue the process till we cross into the chilled universe.

Let us explain what this really means in simple terms. In vector space mathematics, there is something called span. There is something called Gram-Scmidt algorithm that allows projecting vectors or entities with multi-faceted attributes (like life) into different spans. All mathematical equations, even the quantum mathematics can be modeled with this method. All advanced mathematical functions, everything that happens in this universe can be expressed in that form.

Life is a vector projection, It starts with smaller span. The Error vector is large. That means the \’life\’ has a lot to learn. As it is recycled in the same vector space or 3-D Universe, the span is increased. As spans increase the projected life from Hyperspace (or vector in math terms) has less error from the projected goal. In every recycling of life, the vector attains less and less error. In other words \’life\’ becomes more knowledgeable and closer to perfection through reincarnation. Finally after recycling several times, the \’Error Vector\’ becomes zero. It attains the so-called \’Nirvana\’ in the physical 3-D Universe. The process then starts in other universes with higher dimensions. There are several stages of this part of the recycling. Superstring theory points out to ten dimensions.. According to some contemporary scientists, if our universe is the base, our life after reaching \’perfection\’ in this physical 3-D universe has to cross seven more universes, every higher universe has one more spatial dimension. It makes sense to call our universe the base since we are Type zero civilization and far away from even attaining Type 1 status.

After crossing all the seven stages or \’heavens or universes\’ the zero point energy form or life is ready to be part of the chilled universe that becomes the foundation of the Hyperspace and all creation.

The vector mathematics especially Gram-Scmidt algorithm shows how a vector can be projected over a dimension specific range of orthogonal spans. When you increase the spans (E1, E2, ���.En) the projected vector has less error from the actual vector or the goal of perfection and purity.

Interestingly, scientists find every aspect of the universe and perhaps everything in the Hyperspace and all supported by the base platform of the chilled universe work in this fashion. Recycling of entities with higher span is what makes the error factor less. Take some examples. The galaxies recycle to become better. The stars go through supernova and rebirth of another star eventually with higher elements in the periodic table. Even the earth has gone through periodic devastation and recreation to eventually hold intelligent life forms. Vector projections and reduction of error with increasing spans provide the insight to the cycle of life and rebirth.

Physical universe was created just for a place to experience physical life with all its ups and downs
Physical universe is like a holodeck, a simulated reality facility(maya) located on board starships and starbases in the fictional Star Trek universe
India daily Technology Team
Nov. 8, 2006

Most likely we belong to that Type IV advanced civilization who created the universe with a big bang in a massive particle accelerator of Type IV standard using just unimaginable levels of energies.

That falls into place with the perception that the universe was created with the sole purpose of Zero Point Energy Fields to re-circulate in the form of electromagnetic souls.

Who are we then? Simply put, we are part of a very advanced civilization that has the capability of creating the Universe from a big bang. We really live in the Hyperspace and our life in the physical universe is just an illusion ��� like getting into a movie theater and forgetting about our real existence for a short while. The universe is just like a movie theatre well designed with many movies going on simultaneously.

If that is the case, we will eventually find that in many places in the cosmos, the life has evolved differently but life has a sole purpose of allowing our real existence in Hyperspace to experience some kind of an illusion of physical existence. That also means we live in a physical universe and another parallel universe of anti-matter with negative energy simultaneously. Some scientists believe, our subconscious mind really exists in the parallel universe of virtual particles.

Integrated consciousness makes space and time coincide into a singularity ��� extraterrestrial UFOs use it all the time
India Daily Technology Team
Oct. 21, 2006

Time and space are separate, as we know them. The spatial dimensions are separate from time dimensions. However, scientists are finding that the two dimensions can theoretically coincide in special points of singularities.

The advanced extraterrestrial UFOs use the points of singularities to cross over the wormhole singularities. But the wormholes have to pass through inter-universe singularities in the Hyperspace. That becomes extremely difficult because Hyperspace singularity unlike black hole singularity is a point where space and time coincides. Those points of singularities are not easy to cross.

Researchers find that human mind cross these singularities all the time as it communicates with the chilled universe.

The process of course is the integrated consciousness that acts as the constant communication channel between mind and the chilled universe.

The mental projects through the conduit of integrated consciousness crosses these singularities all the time.

Interestingly, the type IV extraterrestrial civilization uses the same technique and controls the same to travel between universes.

According ancient Mayan civilization and Hindu religious scripts the integrated consciousness can be directed to predict what will happen in the future from a static spatial existence. That shows that integrated consciousness spans around space and rime.

Modern physics is finding interesting relationship between space and time. The missing interconnection is not the gravity waves. Gravity waves are the basic ingredients of the Hyperspace where time and space can coincide. However, the integrated consciousness uses gravity waves to span across the time and spatial dimensions.

The type IV extraterrestrial civilization spanning across many universes and migrating into the chilled universe ��� do we belong to them?
India Daily Technology Team
Apr. 19, 2007 (see:
Science is still unable to answer one simple question. Who are we? What was there before the big bang? What or who created the big bang. It was not that it just happened! It was well-planned massive inter-universe Particle Collider event in much higher dimensions. The type IV extraterrestrial civilization that continuously monitors the evolution and recycling processes in the universe created it.

The biggest questions are we part of that very advanced extraterrestrial Type IV civilization? Logic says we are. No doubt our bodies are bio-chemical self-maintaining self-producing and self-evolving very advanced robots. The technologies that created the seeds of life that evolve automatically are far advanced that we can think of. We are part of it. So who are we?

We are part of the zero point energy harnesses in the universe. We are part of the overall integrated consciousness that manifests itself as the Zero Point Energy all across the universes and hyperspaces. Individual life forms and many other entities that we consider not living are Zero Point Energy Modules (ZPEM). The NDE (Near Death Experiences) confirms that. The Energy Modules are really part of the overall consciousness. That is why those who experience the NDE understand we are all part of the same recycling in the universes to elevate our energy levels. The ZPEM energy levels are elevated through the detachment from the physical 3D spatial distractions. Knowledge, forgiveness and care create the elevation of energy. Like an ant colony all the ZPEMs are working together to elevate the energy level of the integrated ZPE based consciousness. It is the basis of gaining entrance to the indestructible chilled universe.

The type IV extraterrestrial civilizations span across many universes and migrating into the chilled universe. We are part of that civilization trying to achieve higher level of energy through recycling in earth and other similar planets in this and other universe.

Mental stealth communication through gravity waves between projected life in physical universe and parallel universes
India Daily Technology Team
Nov. 3, 2006

Life is a manifestation of projection in the physical and other parallel universes. The projections eventually disappear when the living beings die but the ZPEMs continue in the Hyperspace as well as in other parallel universes through other projections.

The mental stealth communication happens between the projected life in the physical universe and the other projections in the parallel universes. It also happens between the ZPEM in the Hyperspace and the physical life in the physical universe. The ZPEMs in the hyperspace get their instructions from a chain of command and all master instructions come from the chilled universe below that hold the Hyperspaces together.

Scientists now are finding that the stealth continuous communication through gravity waves between living beings and the higher dimensions are facts. The ZPEMs have the capabilities to communicate without letting conscious living beings know anything about that communication. Some contemporary physicists believe that the communication happens between the real existence of the ZPEM in the Hyperspace and the physical projection of the ZPEM in the physical universe of ours. That means all of us actually are living in the Hyperspace and our body and physical existence in the physical universe are temporary projections. The projections eventually disappear when the living beings die but the ZPEMs continue in the Hyperspace as well as in other parallel universes through other projections.

Michio Kaku in his article (The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations-How advanced could they possibly be?) said :\”Astronomer John Barrows of the University of Sussex writes, \”Suppose that we extend the classification upwards. Members of these hypothetical civilizations of Type IV, V, VI, … and so on, would be able to manipulate the structures in the universe on larger and larger scales, encompassing groups of galaxies, clusters, and superclusters of galaxies.\” Civilizations beyond Type III may have enough energy to escape our dying universe via holes in space.(from:http://www.mkaku.org/articles/physics_of_et.php)

Kardashev\’s typology is based on a belief that we can categorize super civilizations by their energy consumption.

The Kardashev scale is a general method of classifying how technologically advanced a civilization is, first proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. It had three categories, based on the amount of usable energy a civilization has at its disposal and increasing logarithmically
Type I ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available on a single planet, approximately 1016 or 1017 W . The actual figure is quite variable; Earth specifically has an available power of 1.74 ��1017 W (174 petawatts). (See Earth\’s energy budget.) Kardashev\’s original definition was 4 ��1012 W. (Kardashev had originally defined Type I as a \”technological level close to the level presently attained on earth\”, \”presently\” meaning 1964.)
Type II ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single star, approximately 4 ��1026 W. Again, this figure is variable; the Sun outputs approximately 3.86 ��1026 W. Kardashev\’s original definition was also 4 ��1026 W.
Type III ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single galaxy, approximately 4 ��1037 W. This figure is extremely variable, since galaxies vary widely in size; the stated figure is the approximate power output of the Milky Way. Kardashev\’s original definition was also 4 ��1037 W.

Zoltan Galantai, Ph.D
Technical University of Budapest (Hungary)
But on the one hand we can imagine an advanced civilization which conquers either its own solar system or its galaxy without reaching the second or third level of the Kardashev Scale. On the other hand it will be impossible to build a civilization which can harness the energy of an entire galaxy, unless we discover new physical laws. So it is reasonable to create a new typology which is based on the possible spatial extents of an advanced civilization.(from:http://contactincontext.org/cic/v2i2/farewell.htm)
To create another typology, we can choose Torino Scale as a starting point. Its aim is to convey \”the risks associated with asteroids and comets that might collide with the Earth\” [9], and it classifies the certain collisions (regarding the effects of the impact) into three categories.
First of all, there is the case when the effect is a localized destruction; in the second category the impact causes unprecedented regional devastations and a collision of the third category means a \”global climatic catastrophe that may threaten the future of civilization as we know it\” . Namely, it measures the collisions by the disasters\’ magnitude, and we could apply this approach to categorize any possible civilizations considering their abilities to survive a natural disaster. Following the Torino Scale, we can describe three types of those civilizations which have not left the surface of their home planets.
The first type would unable to survive a local disaster. Anasazi culture is a good example for it: when they cut out their local forests, and their environment became desert, their civilization collapsed .
A second level civilization is not able to resist a regional catastrophe.
The third type is threatened only by global disasters. Regarding the incidence of homo sapiens, a major asteroid or comet impact could exterminate us, but neither an eruption of a super volcano nor a new Ice Age would be able to wipe out us totally .
We will achieve a next level \”not putting all our eggs in one basket\” when we establish independent and self-sustainable colonies in our Solar System. But we still will be vulnerable to some cosmic dangers, such as a nearby supernova explosion.
A civilization that populates an entire galaxy, on the one hand is potentially immortal, as there is not known natural catastrophe capable to destroy it, but on the other hand the result of distances between the colonies and the isolation of the groups will cause speciation, and \”Our one species w
ill become many\” . Not homo sapiens, but their descendants will spread, and the traditional idea of \”civilization\” will become meaningless.(
Dyson, F. J., Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation, Science, vol. 131, pp. 1667-1668, 1959
Dyson\’s Sphere and infrared detection of level 2 civilizations

Alegeti intre Extinctie si Iluminare !

January 12, 2008

Extinction or Enlightenment?
Toate mesajele primite pana in prezent anunta omenirea de un singur lucru legat de evenimentele din 2012
Alegeti intre Extinctie si Iluminare !
Adaposturile subterane din Norvegia ,SUA si Suedia pt. cei alesi pot deveni sicrie colective
The revelation of a political figure from Norway that has went public about the PTB\’s plans to go underground right before the passage and he clearly states that it is Planet X! He has communicated with Project Camelot Owners and his identity with pictures checks out. He has even been to the underground areas, says there are 18 I think just in Norway. They intend to save less then half of the population of the country. Would seem that finally some are having a conscience. Just as the Zeta\’s said some years back.

Sa tinem vie flacara divina a Iubirii si Constientei noastre pentru Terra !
Keep alive the divine flame of our Love and Awareness for Earth!
Intra in extazul iubirii si vei vedea desavarsirea pretutindeni…
The second observance, or Niyama is Santosha , or contentment. It is key to all the niyamas and a necessary condition for Enlightenment. Contentment/santosha is the natural state of our humanity, and our divinity and allows for our creativity and love to emerge. It is knowing and accepting the here and now as our true place in the universe at every moment. It is unity with the largest, most abiding, reality.
Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.
Renunta la ideea de a deveni cineva, fiindca tu esti deja o fiinta desavarsita.Tu nu poti sa fii imbunatatit.Tu ai doar sa intri in starea de extaz in care sa vezi asta, sa realizezi asta.

Keep alive our Divine Flame of Love and Awareness for the Sun in the center of the Earth !
Pentru a tine permanent vie flacara noastra divina de Iubire si Constienta pentru entitatea vie si constienta care este Soarele din centrul planetei noastre: Pamantul avem nevoie sa ne trezim, sa realizam Iluminarea, sa vedem Lumina eterna in care se scalda totul !
Iluminarea singura revolutie !
Extinction or Enlightenment?
Alegeti intre Extinctie si Iluminare !
Osho: Enligtenment the only Revolution!
The only revolution that counts is Enlightenment, Awakening. It is the only the inner revolution that can bring about awakening , a total transformation so that we can once again see the world through eyes free of all the judgments and conditionings that have been put there from the outside.
This revolution will bring a new vision so needed in the world – this is the direct vision and will be as scientific as possible and as religious as possible. That I call a true revolution.

Osho: Iluminarea singura Revolutie !
Singura Revolutie care conteaza este Iluminarea, Trezirea. Doar revolutia interioara poate aduce trezirea, o totala transformare asfel incat noi sa putem vedea din nou universul cu ochii eliberati de toate prejudecatile si conditionarile care ne-au fost implantate acolo din afara noastra.Aceasta revolutie va aduce o noua viziune atat de necesara in lume – aceasta este vederea directa si va fii cat se poate posibil de stiintifica si de religioasa. Asta numesc eu o adevarata revolutie.
Awakening DNA – We have been manipulated
Trezirea ADN-lui Omenirea a fost manipulata
Celebration of Earth
Mother Earth Day

O planeta este o fiinta vie cu propria ei Constiinta !

A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness.

ETs commune with their planet to create a harmonious relationship.

Extraterestrii intra in comuniune cu planeta lor pt a realiza o relatie armonioasa la nivelul campului noetic !

Dr Wolf says(see more in the article below): \”Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth.\”

Dr Wolf spunea(vedeti mai multe in articolul din blogul dedicat acestui subiect): \”Unele planete cresc case din cristal de siliciu pur pt, locuitorii lor din iubire neconditionata.Am vazut si am tinut in mana acest siliciu. Am fost de asemenea martor la comunicarea reprezentantilor civilizatiei Zetas cu Pamantul.\”

\’Tot ce este fundamental diferit deranjeaza ordinea stabilita;Invatati sa ganditi cu propria minte;daca nu o faceti, altii o vor face in locul dvs.\’\’ Apprenez �� penser par vous-m��me. Si vous ne le faites pas, d\’autres le feront pour vous Un homme averti en vaut deux, et avec Internet, beaucoup plus (Jean-Pierre Petit)

Tairona civilization-

The Kogi Tribe in Columbia, are the only tribe the Spanish didn\’t conquer

They are aware of a great change… that is coming now, to planet Earth

Civilizatia Tairona si tribul Kogi din Columbia despre sufletul planetei Terra

Terra-A world that was about to be destroyed by our lack of LOVE

Pamantul- O lume care era aproape sa fie distrusa din cauza lipsei noastre de iubire


Nu suntem inconjurati de o materie amorfa,ci de una psiho-activa, care reactioneaza la visele..gandurile..si trairile noastre..Oricine a observat ca rasul e molipsitor..la fel cascatul si buna dispozitie..iubirea dintre noi e o flacara care aprinde mii de alte flacari… .. emite iubire.. forta de trezire la viata..transform-o intr-o resursa de finantare energetica a actiunilor oamenilor indreptate catre propria lor descoperire…in armonie care sa refaca matricea energetica a acestei planete pe care oamenii stiu sa iubeasca fara sa astepte nimic in schimb…deja sunt efecte la nivelul inconstientului colectiv ..ale acestei mici modificari de polarizare.. dar stabilizarea pe emisia pozitiva se poate mentine doar practicand constient cele patru atitudini corecte..
(vedeti cele patru atitudini corecte expuse de Patanjali in YS 1.33 pe:
Ar fi bine ca oamenii sa caute si sa gaseasca inlauntrul lor izvorul din adanc al acestei iubiri firesti pt semenii lor���aceasta iubire regenereaza..vindeca si-l transforma
pe acela care adaposteste acest foc divin din adanc

Osho spunea:\”Getting deeper into the other, knowing his feelings, his thoughts, his deeper stirrings, you will be knowing your own deeper stirrings too. Lovers become mirrors to each other, and then love becomes a meditation

Kate Bush song-Hello Earth ( Song Lyrics)

(From the album \”HOUNDS OF LOVE\”)

At the end of \”Hello, Earth\” the German words are: \”Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht\” This means: \”deeper, deeper, somewhere in the depth there is a light.\” They are not spoken by Kate, but by Gabi Zangerl, a friend of Kate.
Hello earth

\”Columbia now nine times the speed of sound.\”
\”Roger that, Dan, I\’ve got a solid TACAN
locked on, uh, TACAN twenty-three.\”
\”The, uh, tracking data, map data and pre-planned
trajectory are all one line on the block\”
\”Roger your block decoded recorded\”

Hello, Earth.
Hello, Earth.
With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out,
Out of sight.

Peek-a-boo, little Earth.
With just my heart and my mind
I can be driving,
Driving home,
And you asleep
On the seat.

I get out of my car,
Step into the night
And look up at the sky.
And there\’s something bright,
Travelling fast.
Look at it go!
Look at it go!

[A men\’s choral passage in either Czekh or Russian is sung here.]


Watching storms
Start to form
Over America.
Can\’t do anything.
Just watch them swing
With the wind
Out to sea.

All you sailors,
(\”Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!\”)
All life-savers,
(\”Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!\”)
All you cruisers,
(\”Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!\”)
All you fishermen,
Head for home.

Go to sleep, little Earth.
I was there at the birth,
Out of the cloudburst,
The head of the tempest.
Murder of calm.
Why did I go?
Why did I go?

[The men\’s choral passage is sung again several times here.]

\”Tiefer, tiefer.
Irgendwo in der Tiefe
Gibt es ein licht.\”

Go to sleep little Earth.

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

Meditatie in care primim si revarsam iubirea asupra Pamantului

incepem sa ne simtim imbratisati de iubire si de gratitudine pt pamantul pe care calcam..ne uitam la clipul de mai jos si incepem sa radem..sa ne miscam in ritmul muzicii…sa avem timp si disponibilitate..sa ne deschidem…sa ne predam…sa abandonam grijile.. critica…ascultati cantecul de inspiratie celtica..si veti simti actiunea in valuri progresive pe chakre(centrele energetice) de la pamant la cer[vedeti articolele mai vechi- de pe Patanjali\’s blog dedicate acestui subiect]… vedeti o initiere in dansul pamantului(rosu e culoarea muladhara iar irationalul este o caracteristica a acestui plan) ..daca ne leganam in ritmul acestei melodii si ne lasam inundati de ea putem simti unda purtatoare caracteristica Terrei si incepem sa intram in rezonanta cu nucleul planetei care este viu..o stea ca si Soarele..In deep love it happens that the you and the planet are no more two..daca noi suntem reprezentanti ai unei civilizatii atat de avansate ca cele de gradul IV(see Thiaoouba) creatoare de universuri, atunci putem sa vindecam planeta -leaganul pe care s-a nascut actuala civilizatie terestra

30 | Top 100
\’Wuthering Heights\’
Kate Bush


When Kate Bush unleashed ���Wuthering Heights��� on the world in 1978 the public didn���t know quite what to make it of it. But they knew they liked it. One of the most daring, original singles ever ���

Song facts

Composer Kate Bush
Genre Pop
Album The Kick Inside
Year of release 1978
UK Chart Position 1

and a debut single at that ��� ���Wuthering Heights��� was an instant success, staying at number one for a month.

Kate was a precocious child and wrote her first song aged 13. When a family friend played her demo tape to Pink Floyd���s David Gilmour he helped her win a deal with EMI. The label paid for her to learn dance, mime, songwrite and other useful skills in preparation for her debut album, The Kick Inside. The move paid off. By the time she came to record it she���d written some 30 tracks, of which ���Wuthering Heights��� was one.

Her melodramatic adaptation of Emily Bronte���s tale of doomed love on the windswept moors is like nothing before and very little since. In fact it���s pretty much timeless. Pushing her already operatic voice to the limits, she sounds something like an alien child as she sings: ���Heathcliff, it���s meee, Cath-eeey, come home now��� over a swirling backing of piano and strings.

But slightly overblown or not, it remains a truly great song.



Kate Bush – Running up that Hill

Kate Bush – This Woman\’s Work

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mysterious hexagon spotted above Saturn

A mysterious giant hexagon lies above Saturn\’s north pole, captured by cameras on Nasa\’s Cassini Orbiter.

Spanning 25,000km – equivalent to the width of two planet Earths – the bizarre geometric feature appears to remain virtually still in the atmosphere as clouds swirl around it.

Click Here to see picture

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See more on/vedeti mai mult pe:


Kate Bush Cloudbusting


January 11, 2008

UNDERGROUND UFO BASES ON EARTH- UNDERGROUND UFO Bases in the whole Alpino-Carpathian-Himalayan Mountain Chain System

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates

China si India cunosc existenta unei baze subterane OZN in partea de nord a Kashmirului[provincia Ladakh]


Ambele tari au primit tehnologie antigravitationala \”la pachet\”

Un cercetator de la Oficiul de Cercetari Spatiale Indiene (OCSI) a vorbit despre cel mai avansat proiect secret de sistem de propulsie cu antigravitatie si despre faptul ca unii cercetatori studiaza deja aceasta tehnologie avansata si o fac intr-o forma \”la pachet\”.Cand a fost intrebat ce inseamna termenul \”la pachet\”,el a raspuns ca este vorba de tehnologie pregatita si destinata utilizarii directe, fara a mai fi nevoie de etapa premergatoare de \”inventare\”.
In plus, personal din Fortele Aeriene Indiene indica anumite proiecte interesante ale Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (cea mai mare agentie indiana pentru cercetare, dezvoltare si productie aviatica). Trei dintre aceste proiecte au ca scop propulsia antigravitationala si sisteme de reducere a greutatii navelor. De asemenea, proiectul de invizibilitate este si el interesant. Inginerii si tehnicienii OCSI sunt vazuti in diferite zone din Himalaya si langa granita chineza. De remarcat ca si organizatia spatiala chineza ASC realizeaza activitati similare, de cealalta parte a granitei.

pt.detalii intrati pe link-urile de mai jos:

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates :


Huangyangtan – Mystery replica landscape in China

Did the Chinese military simply want to build the world\’s biggest miniature golf course.
Or is it China\’s own Area 51? You decide for yourself.
See what others are saying at the Google Earth Community forum: bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthread ed.php/Cat/0/Number/484568
See the blog about the news at foundinchina.blogspot.com

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates
Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh.This is one of the most interesting finds in Google in quite some time.In June 2006, satellite imagery on the Google Earth service revealed a 500:1 scale terrain model [1][2] of eastern Aksai Chin(the alleged UFO BASE Area) and adjacent Tibet, built near the town of Huangyangtan, about 35 kilometres South West of Yinchuan, the capital of the autonomous region of Ningxia in China.Earth A visual side-by-side comparison shows a very detailed duplication of Aksai Chin in the camp.[3] The 900m �� 700m model was surrounded by substantial facility, with rows of red-roofed buildings, scores of olive-colored trucks and a large compound with elevated lookout posts and a large communications tower.Terrain models are known to be used in military training and simulation bur usually on a much smaller scale.Last week, the same poster[4]found that the location the scale model represents is the region occupied by China (1962) but claimed by India near north central India (Aksai Chin -China near Ladakh district in Kashmir,India is also the region of a known UFO Base on Earth ;

See more on:
OZN UFO VIMANA VAILIXI http://oznufovimana.multiply.com/
K-PAX http://360.yahoo.com/GALACTICONTACT
Google Earth Community: China – Huangyangtan – Scale model of the map of Aksai Chin

Google Earth Blog: Huge Scale Model of Disputed Border Region of

Huge Scale Model of Mountain area in China in Google Earth This is one of the most interesting finds in Google Earth in quite some time. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2275/2186071279_d74c495ff5_o.jpg

AIM : Tehnologie-Active Information Media:aparitii OZN in zonele muntoase din Himalaya (India, Nepal si Tibet) incepand … Cercetarile in domeniul antigravitational sunt acum in plina desfasurare in India, si deja au

Dupa cutremurul care a produs tsunami geologii indieni au descoperit modificari ale deplasarilor placilor tectonice numite shift tectonic lent:

According to some experts, these are signs of possible experimentation with tectonic plates by some entity. People in Nicobar island complaints something is going on under the ocean-deep underground many miles below the water surface.
The pattern of aftershocks is also strange. Normally on plotting the same they show a gradual decrease in the moving average of Richter scale reported. This time no pattern can be found. After one large aftershock, a considerable time lapses before the next one.It seems someone is controlling the after shocks and making sure plates are not over stressed. Andaman and Nicobar islands has experienced 121 aftershocks between 5.2 and 6.2 Richter scale. The Geologists in India are closely tracking these aftershocks and cannot find a pattern. The only pattern that can be found is a large lapse after a considerable aftershock.


Geologii indieni au descoperit o modificare totala a tiparului replicilor seismice,tipar ce pare a indica experimente care controleaza miscarile placilor tectonie realizate de OZN-uri avand baze subterane in provincia Ladakh din nordul Kashmirului.
An enormous number of UFO sightings before Tsunami and earthquake in South and Southeast Asia-what are they trying to warn?

UFO Sighting and Strange Signals reported again in Indian Ocean-sub tectonic experiment?


Human Hand behind earthquake and Tsunami? It is time for Indian Navy to investigate!
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new ufo video taken in tamilnadu ��� India

China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates
China si India cunosc existenta unei baze subterane OZN in partea de nord a Kashmirului[provincia Ladakh]

Kongka La is the low ridge pass in the Himalayas (the blue oval in the map). It is in the disputed India-China border area in Ladakh. In the map the red zone is the disputed area still under Chinese control in the Aksai Chin area. The Chinese held northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. This is the area where Indian and Chinese armies fought major war in 1962. The area is one of the least accessed area in the world and by agreement the two countries do not patrol this part of the border. According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, the Indian Army and the Chinese Military maintain the line of control. But there is something much more serious happening in this area.According to the few local people on the Indian and Chinese sides, this is where the UFOs are seen coming out of the ground, According to many, the UFO underground bases are in this region and both the Indian and Chinese Government know this very well.. Recently, some Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash from the Western pass, came across strange lights in the sky. The local guides while in the Chinese territory told them that this was nothing new and is a normal phenomenon from Kongka Pass area – the tensed border region between India and China. This strange lighted triangular silent crafts show up from underground and moves almost vertically up. Some of the adventurous pilgrims wanted to look into the site. They were first turned back by the Chinese guard posts as they were refused entry from the Chinese side. When they tried to approach the site from Indian side, the Indian border patrol also turned them down in spite of their permit to travel between the two countries. The pilgrims at that stage started quizzing the Indian border security personnel. The security personnel told them that they are ordered not to allow any one near the area of interest and it is true that strange objects come out from under the ground with amplified and modulated lights. India���s Special Operations Forces and the intelligence agencies are in charge of that area. The locals start laughing in that area when they are asked about these UFO sightings. They get surprised why the Governments are so eager to hide these obvious facts. According to them the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is in deep into the ground. They believe neither the Indian or Chinese Governments do not want to expose the fact for some reason. When they bring up this matter to local Governments, they are told to keep quiet and forget the same. This is the region where the Euresian plate and the Indian plate have created convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. Consequently, this is one of the very few areas in the world where the depth of the earth\’s crust twice as thick as in other places. The opposite is found in hot spots like Yellow Stone National Park in America where the earth���s crust in thin. The double thick earth-crust allows the creation of underground bases very deep into the tectonic plates. Kongka La has beautiful rocks and granites. For some strange reasons neither the Chinese nor the Indian authorities ever excavate, dig or mine in this area. The area is pristine and untouched. Recently, both India and China have moved forward to solve all border disputes and start the Sino-Indian relations all over again. The Aksai Chin area is still disputed. But interesting while negotiations both the Governments are indifferent on this area. India and China as shown in the accompanying maps have huge border areas along the Himalayas and they are negotiating on all these regions. Though India claims that Aksai Chin is part of India, the common belief in the Government is that it is not a show stopper. On the other hand, Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962 war, built a strategic military highway. Now they are using an alternate highway not to bother with the area in Kongka La Recently in the local school, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know what and when to look for.
Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains (Himalayas) and both the Governments refuse to come out and say what these are.The other alternative is that it is an underground strategic Air Force base of some one. Then why will either country allow the base on the official no man���s land in the highly sensitive disputed border area? Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people?

S-au semnalat un numar din ce in ce mai mare de aparitii OZN in zonele muntoase din Himalaya (India, Nepal si Tibet) incepand din anul 1998 cand India a facut primul test nuclear. Activitatea militara indiana si chineza la granita comuna s-a intensificat. Cotidianul India Daily consacra aproape saptamanal un articol despre aceasta tema, incepand cu luna octombrie 2004. Ce se intampla acolo?

India 2012 :articol publicat de Marian Apostol la 10 Martie 2005
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November 29, 2007

Dr. Michio Kaku: 3 types of Extraterrestrial Civilizations
\”Traiti din nou in cea mai importanta era din istoria omenirii:tranzitia de la tipul 0,la tipul 1 de civilizatie ,dar si in cea mai periculoasa\”
Toleranta si multiculturalismul sunt efecte ale iubirii si cunoasterii de sine;ele sunt modalitati indispensabile pt. depasirea autoanihilarii prezentei civilizatii de pe Terra, pt. a ajunge la nivelul unei civilizatii de tip 1
Civilizatiile anterioare de pe Terra s-au anihilat prin razboaie dupa cum se vede in cladirile avariate de pe Luna (ultimul videoclip)

Arthur C. Clarke in filmul \”2001: Odisea Spatiului descrie o intalnire intre o civilizatie de tip 3(care a plantat Monolitul pe Luna) si una de tip 0
Arthur C. Clarke in 2001: A Space Odyssey describes the encounter between a type three(The Monolith) and a type zero civlization
Civilizatii de tipul I, II si III
In functie de consumul lor energetic civilizatiile se pot clasifica in trei tipuri:
1) O civilizatie avansata de tipul I foloseste resursele nucleului planetei si controleaza clima (evita epocile glaciare si alte catastrofe similare),vulcanii si cutremurele (realizeaza invizibilitatea intregii planetela meteoriti).. .
2) O civilizatie avansata de tipul II foloseste toate resursele stelelor si este indestructibila la exploziile supernovelor (realizeaza invizibilitatea intregii planete la evenimente explozive din galaxie)..
3) O civilizatie avansata de tipul III foloseste toate resursele galaxiei si este cu adevarat nemuritoare
Intr-un articol de referinta din 1964 aparut in Jurnalul Astronomic Sovietic, astrofizicianul rus Nicolai Kardasev
a avansat ideea ca lumile avansate ar trebui grupate in trei categorii, si anume cele care stapanesc energia planetara,
cele care controleaza energia stelara, si cele care pot manipula energia unei galaxii. In urma calculelor sale, Kardasev a aratat ca nivelul de consum energetic care desparte aceste tipuri de civilizatie este de ordinul miliardelor.

Type I, II, or III civilizations
Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and co-founder of string field theory, a branch of superstring theory, speaks about 3 types of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
Dr. Michio Kaku a theoretical physicist, tenured professor, and co-creator of string field theory, a branch of string theory. Kaku received a B.S. (summa cum laude) from Harvard University in 1968 where he came first in his physics class. He went on to the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley and received a Ph.D. in 1972. In 1973, he held a lectureship at Princeton University.

Dr. Kaku is the author of several scholarly, Ph.D.-level textbooks and has had more than 70 articles published in physics journals covering topics such as superstring theory, supergravity, supersymmetry, and hadronic physics. Based on the number of citations his work has received in the academic literature, Kaku has an h-index of 22.

He is also known as an author of popular science books, including the best-sellers Beyond Einstein, Visions, Hyperspace, and Parallel Worlds.


According to Dr. Kaku in his article ���The Physics of Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations,��� ( http://www.physicspost.com/articles.php?articleId=113&page=5 ) there is more to sending messages via the electromagnetic spectrum than meets the sensor. Leaving aside for the moment the limited range of frequencies being scanned or the problem of deep space static when transmitting on a single frequency, there remains the possibility that an alien civilization might have decided on a more efficient system of broadcasting to minimize transmission errors. Such a system, says Dr. Kaku, could ���break up the message and smear it out over all frequencies (e.g. via Fourier like transform) and then reassemble the signal only at the other end. In this way, even if certain frequencies are disrupted by static, enough of the message will survive to accurately reassemble the message via error correction routines.���

And therein lies the dilemma.

Is it more likely for an advanced civilization to resort to some sophisticated encoding scheme than we would? Probably.
Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev, in a paper published in 1964 in the Journal of Soviet Astronomy, wrote that advanced civilizations can be classified according to three groups: Type I, II, and III, which have mastered planetary, stellar and galactic forms of energy, respectively.
Our civilization would be of Type 0, the least advanced. If most of the signals out there are produced by a Type I, II, or III civilization, and if it stands to reason that such advanced civilizations are more likely than not to use some efficient way of encoding a message for deep space transmission with a scheme perhaps similar to the one mentioned above, then our radiotelescopes would be hearing mostly noise.

Dr. Kaku says that the problem is that ���the current SETI project only scans a few frequencies of radio and TV emissions sent by a Type 0 civilization,��� Thus, we would fail to identify those signals sent by a Type I, II, or III civilization.

The situation is a little akin to an eavesdropper listening in on some internet traffic between different nodes of the network. For instance, the different computers making up the internet talk to each other using a protocol called TCP/IP. Every time a message is sent from one computer to another on
this network of networks, the TCP/IP protocol packetizes the message by breaking it into smaller parts called packets. Each of these packets then gets routed to its destination not always in the sequential order of the original message. The receiving computer eventually reconstructs the original message by putting all the packets in the proper order again.

But what would happen if an eavesdropper were to intercept some of the packets on their way to their destination? It would not be clear at all what the message is, especially if our eavesdropper does not possess the packet sequencing information to order the packets he captures according to their original sequence. However, since the eavesdropper would be monitoring only one channel of information, it would be clear to him that he is listening to a non random signal. He could then easily infer that the signal qualifies as an example of intelligent activity even though the message would still remain gibberish.

Unfortunately, in our case we do not even that much to go on when we listen to the chatter of interstellar space. If most signals come from Type I, II, or III civilizations, then chances are that their messaging system is not only sophisticated, but utterly incomprehensible, especially so if they use some sort of encoding system.

We might thus already have received some bona fide signals from elsewhere but were unable to distinguish them from the rest of the noise. Assuming for a moment that the aliens do not use some form of exotic transmission medium that does not rely on the eletromagnetic spectrum, then the question becomes: to decode or not to decode.

And if for a Type I, II, or III civilization using the eletromagnetic spectrum is the equivalent of using smoke signals for us, then we stand little chance to find any intelligent signal out there. Unless, of course, we happen to stumble upon the mother lode: a Type 0 civilization looking to the stars for some long lost cousins just like we do.

see also:The Monolith on:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tycho_Magnetic_Anomaly_TMA-1

SECRET NASA the Moon .Extraterestes UFO. ������

ETs Among Us/Extraterestrii printre noi ?

November 29, 2007

ET presence on Earth and Exopolitics/Prezenta extraterestra pe Terra si Exopolitica

A pioneer in the development of \’Exopolitics\’ (the political implications of the ET presence), Michael Salla discussed evidence for extraterrestrials that live among us. He studied contactee reports of the 1950s and 60s, and concluded that cases such as George Adamski have some validity to them (Adamski said he encountered a long-haired humanoid named Orthon who hailed from Venus– see drawing). \”Korendian\” contactee Robert Renaud claims that over 150,000 human-looking extraterrestrials live in the United States, with over 30,000 in California alone, Salla reported.

The late Daniel Fry, an enginner at White Sands Proving Ground, said he met with an ET and tried to assist him in a mission to establish an ET presence on Earth and fit in undetected. Salla also considered information from various whistleblowers such as Retired Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, who said ETs could be so human-appearing that they could walk the halls of NATO or even the White House and no one would recognize them as aliens.

Salla also revisited Eisenhower\’s alleged 1954 meeting with ETs, revealing that a Cardinal had reportedly been present, and afterwards the Vatican set up a secret organization to deal with the issue. Also a whistleblower told Salla that 500-600 personnel at Holloman AFB were briefed about Eisenhower\’s meeting and sworn to secrecy.

Paul Hellyer and the Politics of Exopolitics

Paul Hellyer, a former Minister of Defence in the Pearson Government, has announced his belief that UFOs are real and that the US is developing weapons systems for space which are to be used against alien craft entering earth\’s airspace. He voiced his opinions at the recent \”2005 Toronto Exopolitics Symposium\”. Exopolitics is a new term used to describe the study of the politics of extraterrestrial contact. It is usually discussed in a context which assumes that enough evidence exists from existing UFO reports to conclude that some UFOs are craft that are piloted by beings originating from other planets and solar systems. Hellyer\’s comments received some coverage in the national media and stirred some interest and reaction from the public, mostly from those who have some interest in UFOs.

Hellyer\’s History as Political Nomad

Paul Hellyer was first elected as a Liberal from Toronto\’s Davenport riding in 1949. He was, at that time, the youngest MP to serve in Canada\’s parliament. He served as a parliamentary assistant to the Minister of National Defence and then went on to serve as the Associate Minister of Defence in the cabinet of Prime Minister Louis Saint-Laurent. He later served as Minister of National Defence in Prime Minister Pearson\’s cabinet in the mid 1960s and served as Minister of Transport in the cabinet of Prime Minister Trudeau. His most notable and controversial achievement was the integration and unification of Canada\’s army, navy and air forces into a single organization, the Canadian Forces. At the time, unification sparked considerable negative reaction from many members of the armed forces who objected to the manner in which military traditions such as separate and unique uniforms were discarded.

After resigning from cabinet in a dispute with Trudeau, Hellyer sat as an independent and later formed a political party, the Action Canada Party, before crossing to join the Progressive Conservative Party. He failed in a run for the leadership of the PCs before leaving that party to rejoin the Liberals where he failed to secure a nomination. He later went on to form the Canadian Action Party in 1995.

In terms of influence, the peak of his political career was probably in his earlier years when he served as a cabinet minister. His political views gravitated towards concerns about the threats to Canada\’s sovereignty posed by US political and economic influence in Canadian affairs. In recent years he is one of many prominent Canadians who have opposed Canadian support and participation in the US National Missile Defense program (NMD) and supported calls for a ban on weapons in space.

It is through these contacts that he began to encounter the views of persons who believe that the US is planning space based weapons systems to be deployed against ET controlled vehicles entering earth\’s atmosphere from space.

Paul Hellyer states that his beliefs in ET visitation do not relate back to insider knowledge obtained from his time spent as Minister of National Defence from 1963 to 1967. At that time he was largely consumed by other pressing public policy priorities and paid scant attention to high profile UFO encounters like the Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia incident in October 1967 or the Falcon Lake, Manitoba encounter in May 1967 where Stephen Mickalak received chest burns from a hovering UFO.

Roswell Writings Change Hellyer\’s Views

Hellyer states his recent interest in UFOs was prompted by viewing Peter Jennings TV documentary on the topic. He later read \”The Day After Roswell\” by Col. Philip J. Corso, who once served as the head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the US Army\’s Research and Development department. In his book, Corso asserts that parts from a crashed alien vehicle were recovered from the July 1947 incident at Roswell, New Mexico which the US Army Air Force later explained as a weather balloon. Corso states some parts were transferred to a \”file cabinet\” at the Pentagon where they were used to guide developments in several technologies such as integrated circuits, night vision systems and lasers.

Col. Philip John Corso
Author of controversial book, \”The Day After Roswell\”

Many UFOlogists dispute conclusions that a UFO crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Others do not believe Corso\’s specific allegations in his book relating to his role in applying ET derived technologies from this alleged crashed UFO to practical recent technological innovations. Stanton Friedman is a nuclear physicist who investigated Roswell and has books about the Roswell crash and MJ-12, the alleged top secret US committee created to study UFOs. Friedman, who now resides in New Brunswick, casts doubts on Corso\’s claims that he was the central figure responsible for seeding technology derived from wreckage taken from the ET spaceship which (allegedly) crashed at Roswell. In response to those who question how he came to believe the contents of this specific book, Hellyer states that he personally spoke with an unnamed US General who assured him that all of this and more was true.

Exopolitics Versus the UFO Fundamentalists

For some UFOlogists, Hellyer\’s foray into Exopolitics was not welcomed. The very notion of a study of the politics of extraterrestrial contact is hotly contested by many as they feel that UFOlogists must focus on the scientific investigation of UFO phenomena. Some reason that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that some UFOs may be vehicles incorporating technology far beyond those developed by earth civilization.

The reality is that all of this is mostly a debate happening amongst a very small group of researchers and interested persons that has little measurable impact on the information shared through mass media outlets like televi
sion, radio and newspapers.

There are few celebrities of any sort who want to risk their profile and public following to publicly state their views on the possible importance posed by UFO encounters, especially if some have extraterrestrial origins. Few politicians have been brave enough to face the ridicule posed by suggesting there might be anything worthwhile to gain through the study of UFOs. President Carter and President Reagan both spoke about personal UFO encounters but made few other public statements about the policy implications posed by these events.

It might be expected that any viewpoint supporting the possible reality of ET visitation to the planet might be welcomed by those UFOlogist\’s who claim to be open to this possibility. But due to deep divisions between some UFOlogists and persons who advance the study of exopolitics, this has not been the case.

As an example, Paul Hellyer\’s statements to the Exopolitics conference in Toronto were mocked and ridiculed by filmmaker Paul Kimball of Redstar Films based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kimball\’s views are of some significance as he is one of the few Canadians to have an interest and financial stake in producing documentary films on UFO related topics. His documentaries include \”Stanton T. Friedman IS Real\” and \”Do You Believe in Majic?\” He is currently working on film documentaries on cattle mutilations and the ten best UFO cases.

Kimball Believes Hellyer Should Have Known UFO Secrets

Paul Kimball
UFO Documentary Filmmaker

One of Kimball\’s posts on his weblog \”The Other Side of Truth\”


was largely focussed on heaping scorn on Hellyer\’s nomadic political career \”Ladies and Gentlemen ��� Meet the REAL Paul Hellyer\”. His earlier post on Hellyer \”Paul Hellyer ��� The Big Fish Flops\” raised more specific issues relating to Hellyer\’s statement. Kimball\’s opinion is that if anyone would know about UFO secrets, it would have been Hellyer:

\”Because if anyone in Canada would have known about the Cosmic Watergate, and UFO secrets, and alien bases, etc. etc., it would have been the Minister of National Defence in the mid 1960s.\”

This statement assumes that the Minister of National Defence is privy to all secrets contained within the Department of National Defence. It further assumes that any questions concerning the security implications of UFO incursions into Canadian air space would require a continuing policy review from the Minister of National Defence. What if Canadian policy on the security implications of UFOs was already determined by our participation in NORAD continental air defence, established back in the early 1950s?

US Policy Was to Debunk UFOs

There is documentation to suggest that there was considerable concern about the possible security risks posed by UFOs during the early post World War 2 time period. The US Air Force initiated several studies of UFOs to evaluate the potential threat to national security. It was initially thought that the UFOs might be secret weapons produced by Germany or the Soviet Union. It was later determined that the UFOs were not foreign developed weapons systems and one study in the US Air Force concluded some UFOs possibly had an \”interplanetary origin\”. In his UFO books, Major Donald Keyhoe documented the struggle in the US Air Force between those who favoured open sharing and disclosure of UFO information with the public and \”the silence group\” who feared that the public was not prepared for this information and wanted to keep all unsolved reports secret.

The CIA sponsored Robertson Panel Report in 1953 appears to have set the policy direction for US government agencies including intelligence and military agencies regarding UFOs. It suggested that the credible UFO reports should be debunked, that only reports of easily explainable occurrences of meteors and such should be publicized, and that the activities of civilian UFO study groups should be monitored. It was concluded that there was no evidence that UFOs posed a specific security threat to the US, but that the reporting of UFOs might trigger the mass hysteria that was observed following the radio broadcast of \”The War of the Worlds\”. The panel felt that the mass media could be used to discredit UFO sightings. It was also concluded that there was no evidence that UFOs were actually advanced vehicles piloted by beings from other planets.

The official study of UFOs by the US Air Force did continue through Project Blue Book until the 1968 University of Colorado \”Condon Committee Report\” advised that Blue Book should be shutdown as there was nothing further to be gained from the study of UFOs. But even though Project Blue Book continued through the 1950s to the late 1960s, it was largely ineffectual in conducting serious research into UFOs and its direction was largely to abide by the policy framework established through the Robertson Panel Report.

The more serious and contentious question is whether some persons connected with the study of UFOs decided to continue studies in a compartmentalized and secret organization and program. Those who support this view refer to documentation suggesting such a group, possibly called MJ-12, has been operating in the US since the late 1940s or early 1950s. A key contention is that the existence of this organization and its activities are hidden behind walls of internal security from any and all elected and publicly accountable officials such as presidents, cabinet members, senators and members of congress. This secrecy is allegedly maintained by threats and intimidation. While some information does leak out, it is countered by the deliberate leakage of \”disinformation\” which masks the truth behind many seemingly related but false or partially false allegations.

Some theorists believe that some of the information about these programs is released in a controlled manner to eventually prepare the public for a broader and more open disclosure of the real history of UFO studies.

What About Canada?

Did Canada have an active UFO study program in the mid-sixties? Did the Canadian government ever formally establish a policy direction concerning the potential national security implications posed by UFOs?

While there has certainly been many UFO encounters involving RCAF aircraft and radar installations, there does not seem to exist a paper trail showing the policy direction that guided reaction to these events. The RCAF did perform some study of UFO incidents, but there is not any clear indication of the policy objective that framed this study. It is quite possible that the elected arm of the Canadian government, the PMO and cabinet, have never prepared a policy directive concerning the study of and response to UFO incidents. Perhaps there has never been sufficient pressure to require a government policy response. Perhaps government bureaucracy inc
luding National Defence has preferred to set their own internal policy. The media has largely ignored reporting of UFO events since the 1950s and the public is itself fragmented by differing belief systems and focussed on more tangible and immediate priorities.

In Canada, the study of UFOs was offloaded to the National Research Council in 1968, the year that the US disbanded the USAF \”Project Blue Book\” study of UFOs. There were few scientists at NRC who harboured any willingness to show interest in the objective study of a \”frivolous topic\” like UFOs, except for the purposes of finding and locating fallen meteorites. The timing of the offload of UFO study responsibility suggests that Canada was simply following the US lead in its policy towards the study of UFOs.

Since the mid 1950s, Canada has participated in NORAD which provides security of Canadian and US air space from foreign incursions. The response to any unidentified return that shows up on NORAD radar systems would abide by the policies and regulations established by the joint US and Canadian NORAD command structure. It is therefore quite likely that our response to UFOs detected by the military would abide by NORAD policies which are likely largely developed by US military strategists.

It is theoretically possible that the US has actually discouraged Canadian government research into UFOs because they might be concerned that the results of such studies might be released to the public or may be obtained by competing foreign governments.

There Never Was a Project Magnet

It is difficult to catch Paul Kimball\’s line of reasoning on Hellyer. Apparently he sees Hellyer\’s disclosure that as a defence minister, he knew little or nothing about UFOs as proof positive that the Canadian government has never had an interest in UFOs. He might be right that most people in government were at most puzzled by what they heard. But there were certainly some people in the Canadian military that had to be concerned about what was reported by pilots and radar observers in various military encounters with UFOs.

Kimball goes on to say \”There was no super secret Wilbert Smith research project\” in his efforts to debunk the notion that the Canadian government ever had any interest in studying UFOs. The project he is referring to is \”Project Magnet\”, a program run by Department of Transport scientist, Wilbert Smith.

The project was concerned with the idea that the earth\’s magnetic field might be the force used by the flying saucers for their propulsion. It later led to a small UFO detection station at Shirley Bay near Ottawa, Ontario. Project Magnet was funded by government from 1950 to 1954 and the UFO detection station was publicly funded from 1952 to 1954. Although the project was supposedly secret, the UFO detection station was written about in several newspaper articles. It appears that publicity surrounding the station possibly contributed to the government\’s decision in 1954 to discontinue funding for the project.

Flying Saucer Detection Station at Shirley Bay near Ottawa

This photograph was published in the Toronto Globe and Mail, on the same day as a USAF F-89 disappeared after merging with a UFO on radar in Canadian air space over Lake Superior.

Paul Kimball goes on to state \”There was no secret plan to get an alien spacecraft to land in Alberta\”. I guess the point here is to disprove any notion that the Canadian military had any interest in the UFO phenomena. Here Kimball must be referring to the article printed in the Ottawa Journal in July 1967, \”UFO Landing Site was 13 Year Secret\”. The article states \”The Canadian Government 13 years ago made available the defence research board experimental station at Suffield, Alberta as a landing site for Unidentified Flying Objects, defence minister Paul Hellyer has now disclosed.\” The article goes on to state:

\”Nothing ever materialized from that top secret project. No extraterrestrial flying objects ever sought to land on that 1000 square mile restricted tract of land over which no aircraft, civilian or military, was allowed to fly without special permission. The idea behind the classified project was that if any UFO tried to make contact with earth it could land at the DRB station without being shot down by defence interceptors.\”

CFB Suffield

This Canadian Forces Base is located northwest of Medicine Hat, Alberta. For decades it was Canada\’s primary research centre into chemical and biological weapons. It is also alleged to have been designated as a top secret reserved \”UFO landing site\” back in the early 1950s.

Yurko Bondarchuk refers to the alleged site in his 1979 book \”UFO Sightings, Landings and Abductions ��� The Documentary Evidence\”. He revealed that Captain Douglas Caie, Public Information Officer from National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa stated regarding the alleged UFO landing site at Suffield \”We have no record of any such program��� From the information I have, we never had one.\”

According to the 1973 book \”Aliens from Space\” by Donald Keyhoe, US Air Force intelligence learned of the restricted landing site at Suffield in 1954. According to Keyhoe, the site was established when efforts by the RCAF to \”bring down\” a UFO failed. The intent was to lure the aliens into landing but there was apparently nothing to indicate the area was reserved for alien machines.

In the 1950s through to the 1970s, the experimental station at Suffield was Canada\’s main centre for research into chemical and biological WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). This included the testing of mustard gas and sarin on soldiers and other human test subjects. Suffield was also the primary Canadian test site for biological weapons such as anthrax, plague, ricin and botulinum toxin. It is also alleged that the RCAF has engaged in many pursuits of UFOs with its fighter jets since the 1950s. It is perhaps little wonder that the UFOs would not choose to land at a site controlled by Canadian National Defence which is devoted to chemical and biological weapons research.

What was the source for this story? Why would the government designate a military base as a \”safe landing site\” for UFOs?

AFFA and PONNAR Orbit Earth and Make Contact

What I have found quite interesting about this, aside from Kimball\’s denials, is the whole history of Smith as it relates to Canada\’s UFO studies of that period. While investigating this whole episode of the alleged UFO landing site at Suffield, I was quite surprised to find out that there might be a connection between this \”bit of Canadian UFO fantasy\” and our favourite UFO/ET proponent, Wilbert Smith. This story goes back to a UFO researcher named Grant Cameron. Through his interest of the alleged alien landing site at Suffield, he engaged Hellyer in a long period of correspondence with the purpose of locating certain information about the site. Grant Cameron wrote Hellyer several times in the 1970s, trying to determine the identity of the top defence department official who had revealed the existence of the secret Suffield \”UFO landing site\”. Hellyer was never able to recall the name of the official, but told Cameron that he had sea
rched his files at National Archives but was unable to locate his UFO file, which apparently contained notes from defence briefings on UFOs.

The story does not stop there however. Cameron states that in 1978 he interviewed Wilbert Smith\’s widow and asked her if she remembered anything about the Suffield UFO landing site. In her version of the story, her husband had been making efforts to convince government officials that the aliens existed and that they should make efforts to talk to them face to face, to learn who they were and what they wanted.

Wilbert Smith Canada\’s UFO Pioneer

Director Project Magnet -The Canadian Government UFO Study

Canadian radio scientist and prominent \”UFO Contactee\” ran Project Magnet and UFO Detection Station for the federal government.

Here the story begins to get very weird. In August 1954, the technology publication \”Aviation Week and Space Technology\” reported that Dr. Lincoln LaPaz was conducting a study of two \”satellites\” which had been recently discovered orbiting the earth at 400 miles and 600 miles above the surface. According to the article, the satellites had caused worries in the Pentagon as they were initially believed to be artificial. This was three years before the Soviet Union launched \”Sputnik\” the first human manufactured artificial satellite into orbit. The story was subsequently covered by several newspapers.

Some people believed that the two mystery satellites were alien spaceships. One of these people was a Mrs. Frances Swan, who lived in Eliot, Maine. She claimed that beginning in April 1954 she began receiving channelled messages from the commanders of two alien ships orbiting the earth, AFFA who commanded ship M-4 and PONNAR who commanded ship L-11. For some reason or another, AFFA was the main alien contact for Swan and other contactees. Wilbert Smith, who was a strong believer in aliens, maintained contact with Swan and other \”AFFA\” contactees. He also allegedly tried alternative methods for establishing contact with AFFA on his own or through various intermediaries.

Back to the story of the Suffield UFO landing site���

Mrs. Smith told Grant Cameron that Wilbert believed that if the government stopped shooting at UFOs, then he might be able to get spaceship commander AFFA to land for a meeting. Apparently AFFA had given this indication in a contact to Swan. Smith indicates that he approached a top secret committee in government to relay this request and they had agreed to allow AFFA a safe place to land. When Smith relayed this agreement back to AFFA, he was told that AFFA would also require assurances that he would also be free to take off without any interference. According to Cameron, Mrs. Smith told him that the top secret committee would not agree to this, and so the landing never took place.

As weird as this story is, it is at least partially true. We know that Wilbert Smith was \”a UFO contactee\” and a \”true believer\” that some of the UFOs were spaceships flown by aliens. Mr. Smith really did receive government funding for his \”Project Magnet\” and the \”UFO Detection Station\” at Shirley\’s Bay. We know that Paul Hellyer did apparently reveal that Suffield Research Station had been designated as a top secret UFO landing site sometime back in the mid-1950s. His statement revealing this site was apparently made when he attended the official opening of the \”UFO Landing Pad\” in St. Paul, Alberta, which was a community project for Canada\’s centennial.

From Mrs. Smith\’s telling, the aliens never landed because the Canadian government wouldn\’t consent to granting the commander permission to freely leave. What Hellyer was told and what was in his notes seems forgotten and lost with his vanished UFO file. The Suffield story seems to at least be partially true and it would be fascinating to know the complete real story behind it.

From what we know sitting in our stuffy armchairs reading these stories and perhaps getting a good chuckle or two, is that AFFA and PONNAR appear to have left earth orbit, probably not impressed with the diplomacy extended by the Canadian government of that time.

Present Media Climate Discourages Interest in UFO Study

It is difficult to assess what impact Hellyer\’s comments have had on the Canadian public. I have had a few people mention to me that they had heard something about this, but they seemed largely unaware of any details concerning Hellyer\’s comments.

The National Post published a column by regular political columnist Andrew Coyne. In his piece, \”Holding Editors to Account\”, Coyne seems amazed by Hellyer\’s belief in a decades long government conspiracy to withhold secrets about UFOs from the public, and thinks this might mean that Hellyer has lost his marbles. He links Hellyer\’s \”conspiracy views\” with those of someone who believes the US government created the Islamist terrorist network that they are now fighting. Coyne proclaims his belief in factual reporting but calls on newspaper editors to be more selective and \”exclude the obviously marginal\”. \”There is a time and a place to debate whether the earth goes around the sun or the contrary, but we should have little time to address other matters if we were perpetually revisiting old controversies, or disproving every fantasy.\” I guess this explains why large media outlets almost never report any UFO unless it can be easily explained as a meteor.

It is a very rare event for any large media outlet to present any news relating to UFOs and alien visitation with a straight face. Discovery Channel did recently produce a satisfactory summary of the Exopolitics conference in Toronto but they prefaced it with a goofy cartoon UFO landing. Perhaps this was done to assure the audience that they were not intending anyone to take this in any way seriously.

The same thing happens on CBC Radio anytime they have Chris Rutkowski providing reports from his annual survey of Canadian UFO events. It is always prefaced with yuk- yuk UFO alien jokes. I once heard an interview on \”As it Happens\” with an Indiana police officer who was witness to a huge triangular UFO that was seen by several officers in adjacent counties. The interviewer could hardly contain her smirking attitude while the officer tried his best to provide cool responses to her demeaning line of questioning. After the interview was concluded she was almost rolling on the floor in giggles as she said, \”Pardon me, but I really have to wonder what it is that they put in the water down there!\”

It is hard to believe that such consistent disrespect can be dished out so casually by mass media outlets when it so clearly shows contempt for the views and beliefs of large parts of their reading, listening and viewing audience. The best that audience members can do when this bias and derogatory demeanour is displayed in the media is to complain to these media outlets.

As long as the present climate of ridicule persists in the large media organizations, this climate will discourage any serious researcher from publishing material on UFOs and will discourage agencies from funding this research.

Hellyer Believes in Public Role in Government Response to Alien Contact

Hellyer has stated his belief that elected governments have been largely excluded from information which is held within the bureaucracy about UFOs. He has in fact used his own experience to but
tress this argument.

UFOlogy has not made great strides in finding conclusive, unambiguous evidence for the ETH (Extra-terrestrial hypothesis) or any other theory on the origin for unexplained UFOs. Despite this failure, many UFOlogists have evaluated the evidence and concluded for themselves that the ETH is the most likely explanation for the phenomena. Given the potentially serious implications of this hypothesis, it makes sense to seriously investigate the potential implications of this hypothesis and to seek answers to the following questions:

Who are the visitors?
What do they want from us?
How are our governments reacting to this presence?
Are government agencies hiding information about UFOs from the public?

Paul Hellyer is the perhaps the first former senior Canadian government minister to suggest that these questions are important policy questions and that the public has a right to be involved in the development of policy regarding the response of government to possible extra-terrestrial contact events.

It is the duty of UFOlogists to seek truth and clarity in the reporting of UFO incidents. It is also our duty as citizens to seek the answers to the key questions posed in Exopolitics forums if we are at all open to the possibility that some UFOs may indeed be advanced vehicles fabricated and possibly piloted by beings from extraterrestrial civilizations.

And while many of the stories circulating in the UFO field are arguably in the category \”too good to be true\” you never know, you really, really never know���


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