Human beings on Earth are part of a super advanced Type IV extraterrestrial civilization


Oamenii de pe Terra sunt zei cazuti,fiinte amnezice care si-au uitat identitatea, de parte a unei supercivilizatii de tip IV.
Potentialul uitat al omului-Suntem fiinte spirituale apartinand unei civilizatii super avansate de gradul IV (care poate insamanta noi universuri)

We are part of a super advanced Type IV extraterrestrial civilization- projection of Zero Point Energy Module encapsulated as life on 3-D vector space with increasing span
How we can discover other civilizations if we do not know ourselves and the subtle information vectors
Cum putem descoperi alte civilizatii daca nu ne cunoastem pe noi insine si vectorii subtili prin care transmitem deja telepatic informatia fara atenuare la trecerea prin obstacole sau fara scadere a intensitatii semnalului cu patratul distantei ( vectorii grosieri folositi azi pt. a detecta alte civilizatii sunt perturbati de evenimentele atmosferice,stelare si galactice)
Information carriers used today for detecting other civilizations are avoided by highly advanced civilizations because these signals are distorted and atenuated by distances,obstacles , and events in the Earth\’s atmosphere, Sun and galaxies

India Daily Technology Team
Nov. 17, 2006

It is the miracle of life and death. Scientists now understand we are part of a Type IV extraterrestrial civilization of very advanced technological state. Our real existence is in the Hyperspace. Our life is a projection on the 3-D Universe and the cycle of life and death continues till the \’Error Vector\’ goes to zero. After attaining perfection or \’Error Vector zero\’, we move on to higher dimension and continue the process till we cross into the chilled universe.

Let us explain what this really means in simple terms. In vector space mathematics, there is something called span. There is something called Gram-Scmidt algorithm that allows projecting vectors or entities with multi-faceted attributes (like life) into different spans. All mathematical equations, even the quantum mathematics can be modeled with this method. All advanced mathematical functions, everything that happens in this universe can be expressed in that form.

Life is a vector projection, It starts with smaller span. The Error vector is large. That means the \’life\’ has a lot to learn. As it is recycled in the same vector space or 3-D Universe, the span is increased. As spans increase the projected life from Hyperspace (or vector in math terms) has less error from the projected goal. In every recycling of life, the vector attains less and less error. In other words \’life\’ becomes more knowledgeable and closer to perfection through reincarnation. Finally after recycling several times, the \’Error Vector\’ becomes zero. It attains the so-called \’Nirvana\’ in the physical 3-D Universe. The process then starts in other universes with higher dimensions. There are several stages of this part of the recycling. Superstring theory points out to ten dimensions.. According to some contemporary scientists, if our universe is the base, our life after reaching \’perfection\’ in this physical 3-D universe has to cross seven more universes, every higher universe has one more spatial dimension. It makes sense to call our universe the base since we are Type zero civilization and far away from even attaining Type 1 status.

After crossing all the seven stages or \’heavens or universes\’ the zero point energy form or life is ready to be part of the chilled universe that becomes the foundation of the Hyperspace and all creation.

The vector mathematics especially Gram-Scmidt algorithm shows how a vector can be projected over a dimension specific range of orthogonal spans. When you increase the spans (E1, E2, ���.En) the projected vector has less error from the actual vector or the goal of perfection and purity.

Interestingly, scientists find every aspect of the universe and perhaps everything in the Hyperspace and all supported by the base platform of the chilled universe work in this fashion. Recycling of entities with higher span is what makes the error factor less. Take some examples. The galaxies recycle to become better. The stars go through supernova and rebirth of another star eventually with higher elements in the periodic table. Even the earth has gone through periodic devastation and recreation to eventually hold intelligent life forms. Vector projections and reduction of error with increasing spans provide the insight to the cycle of life and rebirth.

Physical universe was created just for a place to experience physical life with all its ups and downs
Physical universe is like a holodeck, a simulated reality facility(maya) located on board starships and starbases in the fictional Star Trek universe
India daily Technology Team
Nov. 8, 2006

Most likely we belong to that Type IV advanced civilization who created the universe with a big bang in a massive particle accelerator of Type IV standard using just unimaginable levels of energies.

That falls into place with the perception that the universe was created with the sole purpose of Zero Point Energy Fields to re-circulate in the form of electromagnetic souls.

Who are we then? Simply put, we are part of a very advanced civilization that has the capability of creating the Universe from a big bang. We really live in the Hyperspace and our life in the physical universe is just an illusion ��� like getting into a movie theater and forgetting about our real existence for a short while. The universe is just like a movie theatre well designed with many movies going on simultaneously.

If that is the case, we will eventually find that in many places in the cosmos, the life has evolved differently but life has a sole purpose of allowing our real existence in Hyperspace to experience some kind of an illusion of physical existence. That also means we live in a physical universe and another parallel universe of anti-matter with negative energy simultaneously. Some scientists believe, our subconscious mind really exists in the parallel universe of virtual particles.

Integrated consciousness makes space and time coincide into a singularity ��� extraterrestrial UFOs use it all the time
India Daily Technology Team
Oct. 21, 2006

Time and space are separate, as we know them. The spatial dimensions are separate from time dimensions. However, scientists are finding that the two dimensions can theoretically coincide in special points of singularities.

The advanced extraterrestrial UFOs use the points of singularities to cross over the wormhole singularities. But the wormholes have to pass through inter-universe singularities in the Hyperspace. That becomes extremely difficult because Hyperspace singularity unlike black hole singularity is a point where space and time coincides. Those points of singularities are not easy to cross.

Researchers find that human mind cross these singularities all the time as it communicates with the chilled universe.

The process of course is the integrated consciousness that acts as the constant communication channel between mind and the chilled universe.

The mental projects through the conduit of integrated consciousness crosses these singularities all the time.

Interestingly, the type IV extraterrestrial civilization uses the same technique and controls the same to travel between universes.

According ancient Mayan civilization and Hindu religious scripts the integrated consciousness can be directed to predict what will happen in the future from a static spatial existence. That shows that integrated consciousness spans around space and rime.

Modern physics is finding interesting relationship between space and time. The missing interconnection is not the gravity waves. Gravity waves are the basic ingredients of the Hyperspace where time and space can coincide. However, the integrated consciousness uses gravity waves to span across the time and spatial dimensions.

The type IV extraterrestrial civilization spanning across many universes and migrating into the chilled universe ��� do we belong to them?
India Daily Technology Team
Apr. 19, 2007 (see:
Science is still unable to answer one simple question. Who are we? What was there before the big bang? What or who created the big bang. It was not that it just happened! It was well-planned massive inter-universe Particle Collider event in much higher dimensions. The type IV extraterrestrial civilization that continuously monitors the evolution and recycling processes in the universe created it.

The biggest questions are we part of that very advanced extraterrestrial Type IV civilization? Logic says we are. No doubt our bodies are bio-chemical self-maintaining self-producing and self-evolving very advanced robots. The technologies that created the seeds of life that evolve automatically are far advanced that we can think of. We are part of it. So who are we?

We are part of the zero point energy harnesses in the universe. We are part of the overall integrated consciousness that manifests itself as the Zero Point Energy all across the universes and hyperspaces. Individual life forms and many other entities that we consider not living are Zero Point Energy Modules (ZPEM). The NDE (Near Death Experiences) confirms that. The Energy Modules are really part of the overall consciousness. That is why those who experience the NDE understand we are all part of the same recycling in the universes to elevate our energy levels. The ZPEM energy levels are elevated through the detachment from the physical 3D spatial distractions. Knowledge, forgiveness and care create the elevation of energy. Like an ant colony all the ZPEMs are working together to elevate the energy level of the integrated ZPE based consciousness. It is the basis of gaining entrance to the indestructible chilled universe.

The type IV extraterrestrial civilizations span across many universes and migrating into the chilled universe. We are part of that civilization trying to achieve higher level of energy through recycling in earth and other similar planets in this and other universe.

Mental stealth communication through gravity waves between projected life in physical universe and parallel universes
India Daily Technology Team
Nov. 3, 2006

Life is a manifestation of projection in the physical and other parallel universes. The projections eventually disappear when the living beings die but the ZPEMs continue in the Hyperspace as well as in other parallel universes through other projections.

The mental stealth communication happens between the projected life in the physical universe and the other projections in the parallel universes. It also happens between the ZPEM in the Hyperspace and the physical life in the physical universe. The ZPEMs in the hyperspace get their instructions from a chain of command and all master instructions come from the chilled universe below that hold the Hyperspaces together.

Scientists now are finding that the stealth continuous communication through gravity waves between living beings and the higher dimensions are facts. The ZPEMs have the capabilities to communicate without letting conscious living beings know anything about that communication. Some contemporary physicists believe that the communication happens between the real existence of the ZPEM in the Hyperspace and the physical projection of the ZPEM in the physical universe of ours. That means all of us actually are living in the Hyperspace and our body and physical existence in the physical universe are temporary projections. The projections eventually disappear when the living beings die but the ZPEMs continue in the Hyperspace as well as in other parallel universes through other projections.

Michio Kaku in his article (The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations-How advanced could they possibly be?) said :\”Astronomer John Barrows of the University of Sussex writes, \”Suppose that we extend the classification upwards. Members of these hypothetical civilizations of Type IV, V, VI, … and so on, would be able to manipulate the structures in the universe on larger and larger scales, encompassing groups of galaxies, clusters, and superclusters of galaxies.\” Civilizations beyond Type III may have enough energy to escape our dying universe via holes in space.(from:

Kardashev\’s typology is based on a belief that we can categorize super civilizations by their energy consumption.

The Kardashev scale is a general method of classifying how technologically advanced a civilization is, first proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. It had three categories, based on the amount of usable energy a civilization has at its disposal and increasing logarithmically
Type I ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available on a single planet, approximately 1016 or 1017 W . The actual figure is quite variable; Earth specifically has an available power of 1.74 ��1017 W (174 petawatts). (See Earth\’s energy budget.) Kardashev\’s original definition was 4 ��1012 W. (Kardashev had originally defined Type I as a \”technological level close to the level presently attained on earth\”, \”presently\” meaning 1964.)
Type II ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single star, approximately 4 ��1026 W. Again, this figure is variable; the Sun outputs approximately 3.86 ��1026 W. Kardashev\’s original definition was also 4 ��1026 W.
Type III ��� A civilization that is able to harness all of the power available from a single galaxy, approximately 4 ��1037 W. This figure is extremely variable, since galaxies vary widely in size; the stated figure is the approximate power output of the Milky Way. Kardashev\’s original definition was also 4 ��1037 W.

Zoltan Galantai, Ph.D
Technical University of Budapest (Hungary)
But on the one hand we can imagine an advanced civilization which conquers either its own solar system or its galaxy without reaching the second or third level of the Kardashev Scale. On the other hand it will be impossible to build a civilization which can harness the energy of an entire galaxy, unless we discover new physical laws. So it is reasonable to create a new typology which is based on the possible spatial extents of an advanced civilization.(from:
To create another typology, we can choose Torino Scale as a starting point. Its aim is to convey \”the risks associated with asteroids and comets that might collide with the Earth\” [9], and it classifies the certain collisions (regarding the effects of the impact) into three categories.
First of all, there is the case when the effect is a localized destruction; in the second category the impact causes unprecedented regional devastations and a collision of the third category means a \”global climatic catastrophe that may threaten the future of civilization as we know it\” . Namely, it measures the collisions by the disasters\’ magnitude, and we could apply this approach to categorize any possible civilizations considering their abilities to survive a natural disaster. Following the Torino Scale, we can describe three types of those civilizations which have not left the surface of their home planets.
The first type would unable to survive a local disaster. Anasazi culture is a good example for it: when they cut out their local forests, and their environment became desert, their civilization collapsed .
A second level civilization is not able to resist a regional catastrophe.
The third type is threatened only by global disasters. Regarding the incidence of homo sapiens, a major asteroid or comet impact could exterminate us, but neither an eruption of a super volcano nor a new Ice Age would be able to wipe out us totally .
We will achieve a next level \”not putting all our eggs in one basket\” when we establish independent and self-sustainable colonies in our Solar System. But we still will be vulnerable to some cosmic dangers, such as a nearby supernova explosion.
A civilization that populates an entire galaxy, on the one hand is potentially immortal, as there is not known natural catastrophe capable to destroy it, but on the other hand the result of distances between the colonies and the isolation of the groups will cause speciation, and \”Our one species w
ill become many\” . Not homo sapiens, but their descendants will spread, and the traditional idea of \”civilization\” will become meaningless.(
Dyson, F. J., Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation, Science, vol. 131, pp. 1667-1668, 1959
Dyson\’s Sphere and infrared detection of level 2 civilizations


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