Space-Time Travel and the Experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)


Time travel and the experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland).

Calatoria in timp si experimentul de la CERN (Geneva, Elvetia)/

Experimentul din Elvetia(CERN) este indicat de John Titor in mesajele sale ( calator in timp venit din 2036) si va conduce la obtinerea de singularitati care vor face accesibila tehnologic calatoria in timp Mesajele lui John Titor venit din anul 2036 se afla pe: John Titor Time Traveler Listen now to the latest news and events about John Titor, the time traveler from 2036. Oliver Williams hosts a regular half-hour videocast devoted to the physics, the time machine, and the predictions made by John Titor.

Above top secret john_titor_project.html

John Titor predicted that the CERN institution would accidentally discover the technology that allows for time travel. So far, his predictions have been tracking well with reality…CERN is now underway building their biggest-ever proton-proton collider. Some researchers have now pointed out that one result might be the creation of \”Mini Black Holes\”, or as John Titor called them…microsingularities… John Titor: … the major breakthrough happens at CERN …The creation of microsigularities…its a black hole about the size of an electron… The CERN LHC: A Black Hole Factory? by John G. Cramer …there are new theoretical predictions that when the new accelerator goes into operation, the LHC\’s proton-proton collisions may also make something even more exotic: black holes. (snip) New ideas suggest that gravity becomes stronger at small distances because of the effects of extra dimensions used only by gravity. In this scenario, as the effective value of G grows larger, the Planck mass drops, and the energy required to produce black holes can drop to 1 TeV, well within range of the LHC but probably out of reach for the Tevatron. Thus, the LHC may turn out to be a \”black hole factory\”, an accelerator that makes large quantities of minimum-size black holes.… CERN begins installation on largest collider Monday, March 7, 2005 Posted: 3:10 PM EST (2010 GMT) GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) — Installation of the world\’s largest particle physics collider began Monday with the lowering of a massive, superconducting magnet into the tunnel housing the new research facility that will draw scientists from all over the world, a spokeswoman said.



Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional Fiecare fiinta constienta din acest univers este multi-dimensionala \”A crede nu este suficient. Trebuie sa Vedeti si sa descoperiti experimental ca stelele se afla in raza dvs. de actiune fiindca sunteti deja inzestrati cu o nava cu hiperpropulsie(care curbeaza spatiul si timpul)- propriul dvs. corp,ce poate calatori in timp si spatiu in intregul univers\”Mirahorian)

\”Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional Believing is not enough.You need to SEE that the stars are within your reach because you have already a hyperdrive ship to travel in all the universe-your own body\” -(Mirahorian)

Daca nu ati auzit pana acum de la cei care va tin prizonieri, de la cei care v-au implantat false credinte si identitati(gardienii care v-au virusat) aflati ca orice fiinta umana de pe Terra apartine unei civilizatii extraterestre superavansate de grad IV, in care fiecare entitate este eterna si poate insamanta noi universuri, se poate teleporta, poate calatori in timp si spatiu, fara alte mijloace tehnologice in afara generatorului de impulsuri, care este propriul creier(toate entitatile biologice extratereste sunt interdimensionale ca si noi; entitatile din Zeta Reticuli, cu pielea similara cu cea a delfinilor, pe care acestea ii considera veri, nu au putut fi tinute captive decat in incinte in care se mentinea un puternic camp electromagnetic, care impiedica shiftul, iesirea din dimensiunea noastra; nordicii sau blonzii nu au putut fi niciodata sa fie capturati, incarcerati).



Preotii Materiei si Piramidele Secolului 21���/

The Priests that Worship the Matter and the 21st Century Pyramids

Vedeti mai mult in :/See more in: Interviu cu un Extraterestru-Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea /

ALIEN INTERVIEW\”Truth is stranger than fiction\”

Alien Interview Lawrence R Spencer

Omenirea are nevoie sa cunoasca raspunsurile continute in aceste documente .

Cine suntem noi ? De unde venim? Care este telul nostru pe Terra ?

Este omenirea singura in univers Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose on Earth? Is Mankind alone in the universe? If there is intelligent life elsewhere why have they not contacted us?…

Stiinta este religia materiei. Credinta stiintei este ca manifestarea(creatia)este totul iar creatorul nimic/ Science is the religion of matter. It worships matter.The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the creator is nothing.

Religia spune ca totul este intr-un creator unic iar creatia este nimic./ Religion says the creator is all, and the creation is nothing.

Aceste doua extreme reprezinta barele celulei inchisorii/These two extremes are the bars of a prison cell. Ele impiedica perceperea realitatii ca un intreg holografic…prezent in fiecare partea a sa /They prevent observation of all phenomenon as an interactive holographic whole, which is present in each of its parts.

Din aceasta cauza, nu priviti la savanti ca la niste salvatori ai Terrei sau ai viitorului umanitatii/ Therefore, do not look to scientists to save Earth or the future of humanity.

Asa-numita \”stiinta\” care este intemeiata doar pe credinta ca existenta este compusa doar din energie si din obiecte(materiale) care se misca prin spatiu nu este stiinta/ Any so-called \”science\” that is solely based on the paradigm that existence is composed only of energy and objects moving through space is not a science.

Astfel de fiinte ignora cu totul scanteia creativa generata de o entitate SU
NT PT. A FI si actiunea colectiva a entitatilor SUNT PT. A FI care in continuare creaza universul fizic si toate universurile Such beings utterly ignore the creative spark originated by an individual IS-BE and collective work of the IS-BEs who continually create the physical universe and all universes.

Sunteti pregatiti pt. viitor ?/Are you ready for the future?

Michio Kaku: Is Time Travel Possible?

Pe youtube exista mai multe filme despre mesajul lui John Titor in care se face referire la microsingularitatile(micro gaurile negre) ce vor fi realizate in Elvetia vor face posibila calatoria tehnologica in timp John Titor – Time Travel Videocast

John Titor, Time Traveler from Year 2036, and the Bible Code

John Titor & Time Travel . part 1 of 12

Time travel with proof

This man times travel and has proof Povestea lui Hakan Nordkvist

Durat��: 02:47Realizat: 16 Septembrie 2006 Loca��ie: Kalmar, Suedia

Hans Karlsson H��kan Nordkvist Has Visited the Future.…

A person in Sweden claims to have time travelled to the future. It all happened on the afternoon the 30th of August 2006. It was a beautiful day and I was on my way home from a job in F��rjestaden. When I got home, I found water on the kitchen floor. Somehow there was a leak. I got my tools and opened up the doors to the sink. And started to work.When I reached in to examine the pipes, they seemed to be further in than I remembered. I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future. I meet myself as 72 years old, the year was 2042. I did a lot of tests on him to see if he was really me. And the strange thing is that he knew everything about me. Where I hid my secret stuff when I was in first grade, and what the score was in the soccer match against V��xj�� Norra in the summer of -88. He knew it all.We even had the same tattoo, although he\’s was a little faded. He told me some of the stuff that will happen, but not so much. And I promised not to tell anyone. I made a film with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the quality is not the best. But it��s what I have got. Actually I don\’t��care if people thinks I am a liar. I know I\’m not. I met myself in the future, and I was fine. That\’s all I know. Read more about me and my story at

Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Consiliul European pentru Cercetari Nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la CERN, un acronim pentru Consiliul European pt Cercetari (Recherche) Nucleare, este cel mai mare laborator de accelerare ��i studiere al particulelor elementare din lume, situat ��n suburbia nord-vestic�� a Genevei, chiar pe grani��a dintre Elve��ia ��i Fran��a fondat de 11 guverne Europene in 1952. Conven��ia interna��ional�� privind fondarea Organizatiei Europene pt Cercetari Nucleare/

Organisation Europ��enne pour la Recherche Nucl��aire/ European Organization for Nuclear Research (cu pastrarea aceluiasi acronim CERN )a fost semnat�� ��n 1954 pe 29 septembrie. de 12 state din Europa. Organisation Europ��enne pour la Recherche Nucl��aire /European Organisation for Nuclear Research (nom officiel), aussi appel�� laboratoire europ��en pour la physique des particules, plus connue sous l\’acronyme CERN (acronyme de l\’organe provisoire institu�� en 1952, le Europ��en pour la Recherche Nucl��aire (European Council for Nuclear Research), est le plus grand centre de physique des particules du monde. Le 29 septembre 1954, la convention du CERN est ratifi��e par 12 ��tats europ��ens, le CERN est officiellement cr���� et se nomme maintenant Organisation europ��enne pour la Recherche nucl��aire.

The convention establishing CERN was signed on 29 September 1954 by twelve countries in Western Europe. The acronym CERN originally stood, in French, for Conseil Europ��en pour la Recherche Nucl��aire (European Council for Nuclear Research), which was a provisional council for setting up the laboratory, established by 11 European governments in 1952.…

LHC First Beam – 10th September 2008 – 9am CEST (GMT+2)

Also I found out today the large hadron collider will have a video stream running when it starts up on

Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Organizatia Europeana pentru cercetari nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la sursa: Live webcast


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